Obsessed With Her Secret

MyOwnJudgeThe story of Victoria’s Secret and I has been one commonly found in romance comedies. Two characters meet. They like each other. The next step becomes a falling out or separation of some sort. Fast forward plenty of time and they bump into each other and live happily ever after.

When I was younger, the allure of owning a lotion (or let alone something in their shopping bag) would make me mark it as first on the holiday wish list. Then on one splendid day, while on vacation, I touched a towel after applying lotion and I noticed that I turned it yellow. The dye in the lotion was coloring my towel – what was it doing to my skin? We had a breakup immediately thereafter, Victoria, and I. Up until I spotted a tweet with a lipstick shade I had to have and was surprised to hear it was from the forsaken store. Back in love I was.

Every trip to the store now brings me a new product to obsess about, there’s the mascara, the perfume, the lipstick, and wait, what is this? A new line of scrubs, scent, and skincare? Yes! I got the above three as their promotional deal and I can’t stop sniffing each product. I even used the scent to spray down my new suitcase (currently in Mexico with me!). They are all super lightweight, pleasant, and memorable. As always, the options are practically endless.

Have you tried anything new from Victoria’s Secret?

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