Obsessed With Her Secret

MyOwnJudgeThe story of Victoria’s Secret and I has been one commonly found in romance comedies. Two characters meet. They like each other. The next step becomes a falling out or separation of some sort. Fast forward plenty of time and they bump into each other and live happily ever after.

When I was younger, the allure of owning a lotion (or let alone something in their shopping bag) would make me mark it as first on the holiday wish list. Then on one splendid day, while on vacation, I touched a towel after applying lotion and I noticed that I turned it yellow. The dye in the lotion was coloring my towel – what was it doing to my skin? We had a breakup immediately thereafter, Victoria, and I. Up until I spotted a tweet with a lipstick shade I had to have and was surprised to hear it was from the forsaken store. Back in love I was.

Every trip to the store now brings me a new product to obsess about, there’s the mascara, the perfume, the lipstick, and wait, what is this? A new line of scrubs, scent, and skincare? Yes! I got the above three as their promotional deal and I can’t stop sniffing each product. I even used the scent to spray down my new suitcase (currently in Mexico with me!). They are all super lightweight, pleasant, and memorable. As always, the options are practically endless.

Have you tried anything new from Victoria’s Secret?

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Victoria’s Secret Eyeshadow Duo

MyOwnJudgeI never thought the day would come when Victoria’s Secret would add eyeshadow flat pans to their Beauty Rush line, as opposed to continually expanding their baked shadows. A baked shadow makes me as happy as the next makeup lover, but I have this thing about organization, and pulling out pans and placing them in the containers I want with the color themes the mind fancies.MyOwnJudgeThough cute, the packaging seems to be a little extra for the amount of product you’re buying. It reminds me of the pods (if that’s what they were called) used in The Jetsons to get around. Maybe it’s meant to make the shadow somewhat shatterproof – something to test and report!MyOwnJudgeI picked a nondescript light cream and khaki color combination Snow Toasty (and it seems it is no longer for sale online). The shadow is pretty silky to the touch.MyOwnJudgeColor swatches on paper, and on skin:MyOwnJudgeI applied the colors both dry and wet and was a bit underwhelmed. It barely gives much to write home about when dry, and appropriate for a neutral look when applied wet. The colors sell two for $12 or five for $20, with no limit to what you mix together – mascara, lip gloss, a lipstick, and a shadow duo? Be my guest. Within the price range it’s forgivable, but it’s more of a skip unless you wanted a nondescript neutral duo.

Have you tried these duos?

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Just Heavenly

MyOwnJudgeRecently, I’ve been visiting the nearest Victoria’s Secret stores as if it was a drugstore. Their Beauty Rush products have greatly improved from the plain gloss they had before (remember the shimmer glosses – or the Denimania shadows?) and they revamped the Very Sexy makeup line (my favorite are the lipsticks). They introduced the Pro color line with foundations, and lip scrubs (another favorite).

Each time I passed through the rotating doors, I couldn’t get to the register with my coupon for a free panty (it’s like Christmas when they come in the mail) without grabbing an additional purchase.

One of those days, I was given a sample of the Heavenly Stardust perfume. After sniffing the scent so often that the smell evaporated (or fell? How would you call it?), I had no other option, but to go back and get a full bottle.

It smells like cocoa butter, brown sugar, and the original Heavenly scent all mixed together. A warm and cozy, yet sensual scent perfect for spritzing under a turtleneck or a scarf (p.s. spray a couple of extra drops of perfume on your scarf to have it circle around you all day – especially if you are in a big city and come across areas that don’t smell so nice sometimes). Perfect for the holidays. It’s also a limited edition (make it permanent!), so make up your minds quick.

Have you tried it?

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Shimmer Central

MyOwnJudge - VS Beauty Rush GlossShimmer is the number one ingredient to the holidays. From gifts to decorations, beauty products to ornaments, it all looks better when it sparkles just a little bit more than usual.

Gloss with shimmer is always complimentary to the wearer as it does many things. First, it makes almost any color settle on the wearer as a correct match. It’s ability to reflect light calls for attention, but also magnifies the lips a bit. Some glosses are also created with flavoring, so as to provide a pleasant scent and taste (whether on purpose or accidental – we won’t discuss). The new colors added to the Beauty Rush line up are all full of sparkling goodness. Here are the ones I got:MyOwnJudge - VS Beauty Rush GlossThe names all have sweet or practical holiday item names with a twist – do you see candy cane turning into Dandy Cane? What about Hottie Cider?MyOwnJudge - VS Beauty Rush GlossThe colors are all lightweight and sheer with a slight color tint when applied.MyOwnJudge - VS Beauty Rush Gloss

Do you have a gloss with shimmer?

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Victoria’s Secret Fall Face Kit – Review

MyOwnJudge - Victoria's SecretVictoria’s Secret has been really churning out high numbers of various beauty products. Both of their makeup lines are getting pretty good feedback, and a good amount of money from my pocket. I’m a big fan of the VS lipsticks for their creamy consistency and the color choices, as well as their Beauty Rush lip glosses and shadows.

When I went in for a routine scan of the counters for what I may not need but want, I found the Fall Face Kits. The packaging was yelling at me about the money I can save and the benefit of the kit on the go.
MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret

MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret
The kit is good at describing the trends and the look you are trying to do for cheap on the back, as well as the descriptions for each product inside the packaging. It comes with three eyeshadow colors, a base, a bright pop of color, and a highlight. Also, there is blush for the cheeks, liner and mascara for the eyes, and gloss for the lips.
MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret
My favorite was the face chart. I love face charts for everything, so the packaging premise for this was a 5/5 for me. This of all things is what makes you feel like you’re recreating the runway look featured on the cover.
MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret
Once I got to swatching, I found that the products weren’t as pigmented or as strong as I hoped them to be. Pretty, just not strong.
MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret
MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret MyOwnJudge - Victoria's Secret
The gloss came in rose pink. A shade that would flatter any skin tone, with enough coral, beige, and shimmer for you to break out the song about how Poppin’ your lipgloss is. The liner was creamy but on the light side. Perfect to smudge around for a slight smokey look, or use on the waterline without severe drama. Mascara? It’s pretty average.

Overall, this is an okay buy. The downturn came at the pigmentation and color payoff of the shadows. You would really need to pack these on, or apply them wet for them to be powerful. I think there are drugstore dupes you can get to pull of this look for the same price. The verdict? This is a cute buy to have for the packaging and the basics, but if you really want to pull off the runway look, I suggest you look elsewhere.
Have you tried this?

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Fashion’s Night Out

The inbox is bursting as events keep popping up. I have taken to Facebook to asking for help in covering the events or creating clones. My only payment for this help at the moment is cookies. Any takers?! 🙂

Check out the events coming up below, and let me know where you’ll be!

Norma Kamali

Check out the rest of the events happening after work hours. Almost all stores are open as late as you never thought they would be. Take advantage!

Nine West
Laura Geller Lulu Guiness
Brooklyn Style
Fashion Central
Fashion Central
Victoria's Secret
ASOS and Teen Vogue
Lord and Taylor
Where will you be?

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Denimania – Beauty Rush Eyeshadows

Beauty Rush EyeshadowI know – I’m a little tardy to the party. The Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Limited Edition Denimania collection has been on shelves (pink buckets, really) for a while now, and only now do I venture out to see what it’s all about.

To tell you honestly, I am on a backlog to try out and test so many products, that adding to the pile seems silly. While new collections and products intrigue me, very few come home with me. Money talks pretty loud, and the backlog even louder. With that said, the coupon for a free pair of panties had me knocking on Victoria’s door.

My purchase consisted of some shadows, a newly packaged mascara, and some other extras to come to MOJ shortly.
Beauty Rush Eyeshadow
Mine came super dusty around the top for some reason. These look like baked shadows (correct me if I’m wrong).
Beauty Rush Eyeshadow
These shadows are supposed to be used both in wet and dry form. I have only swatched them dry so far and am loving the dimensional shimmer and how soft they are. They are also very easy to build up.

Have you tried these?

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Victoria’s Secret Lipsticks: Good for the Soul

Victoria Secret LipsticksDon’t give me that side eye. I’m back. Life kicked my butt, and I have finally gotten ahead of the rat race to kick it right back into gear. Thanks for being so patient with me all!

I have so many products waiting for me to give them a chance to brighten my day and I wanted to get the ball rolling with Victoria’s Secret lipsticks. You can’t sleep on these babies!

Following an event too many days ago, I remember asking a pretty gal what was on her lips. I thought she had Schiap from NARS but she sure as heck did not. She said the name of the brand and I could swear that was the secret Victoria had been hiding. The shades and the cream consistency of these lipsticks is a bit awe inspiring.

Victoria Secret Lipsticks

Victoria Secret Lipsticks

Victoria Secret Lipsticks Victoria Secret Lipsticks
I got the lipsticks in Showstopper (left) and Vino (right) (check out the selection here). They go on like butter. REALLY.

I can’t wait to get more colors. The colors look the same on the lips as on my hand. I will have more pics soon of how it looks on me.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Love it? Hate it? Let me know!

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Experimenting with Nails

MOJ Nail PolishStarting around August I divulged a lot about my unnecessary nail polish shopping sprees. To this day, I am still experimenting with the new additions to my collections. I have hopes and dreams to franken my own colors, but so far I have just been swatching and sometimes mixing with top coats. I have also been indulging in super old polishes.

What may I be talking about? Does anyone remember Victoria’s Secret polishes that came in wide bottles that resembled pebbles a bit? No? I remember not only did I have these buggers, but I was even around to buy my favorite bottle of gold flecks on clearance when they wiped their collection clean of this version.

Here’s what my new favorite Essie color (Chinchilly) looks like:

MOJ Nail Polish MOJ Nail Polish

Photos: Left with no flash, Right with flash

Check out after the jump for the deets of my experiment!

I was overjoyed because my polish perfectly matched my handbag:

MOJ Nail Polish MOJ Nail Polish

Photos: Left with no flash, Right with flash

MOJ Nail Polish

MOJ Nail Polish MOJ Nail Polish

Photos: Left with no flash, Right with flash

I’m loving this mix of colors. The color is more true to life in the pictures without flash but in sunlight is a bit lighter.

Like it? Have you experimented with colors? Let me know!

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NOTD mashup

My Own Judge Nail ChallengeAs you read this, I will be attempting to be a snazzy paintball shooter. I have never tried, but I envision myself to go in and knock everyone out like a sniper. I might just come back sad and bruised, but as I continue my Nail-a-Day challenge, and try to catch up with the days I owe ya, I’ll keep the digits soft, unscathed, and unbruised.

Want to take part of this challenge? Everyone is welcome – even if you extend your -a-day part with a week or a-every other day! 🙂

Send me your mani pics, and I’ll feature them as part of the challenge. I’m sure by end of each month, I can scrounge up some fancy polishes as a reward for the most original submission(s)! 🙂

Read on to see all the colors that I sported, and let me know which is your fave. For reference, whenever there are two pictures, the one on the left is without flash, and the one on the right is with.

Beauty Rush Velvetini Beauty Rush Velvetini
Victoria’s Secret, Beauty Rush in Velvetini
This one is a bit difficult to apply, but I will do a separate review of this line a bit later. The color is very pretty in the bottle and with flash, but extremely hard to capture with either regular camera, or with the naked eye after more than one coat (which is necessary).

Barielle Shades Grape Escape Barielle Shades Grape Escape
Shades by Barielle, in Grape Escape
This one was totally stolen from my fellow Bloggin’ Beaut, Britt from ClumpsofMascara. I knew that this bad boy had to travel to the Big Apple ever since she posted about it, but now I’m not sure if I’ll send it back to the orange state. (Okay I will, relax!). The color is an amazing vibrant purple and is not like any other I have seen.

Barielle Shades Sweet Addiction Barielle Shades Sweet Addiction
Shades by Barielle, in Sweet Addiction
Such a pleasant green, that I’m ssssweetly addicted. :)~ Yet another win win from Shades by Barielle. I’m not sure what had my nail lumpy in the picture without flash, but it seemed to have gone away with flash. The green though? Super minty and melon-y. Just enough bright to be reminiscent of warmer weather, but appropriate still to be fashionably forward in the office.

And now this… is just a tease of polishes to come. My other Bloggin’ compadre, over from VampyVarnish posted about these polishes not found in the US, and I was so enamored that I scampered over to eBay to get them right away. I used my Ebates account when doing so, so I already got money back for my purchase, but the polishes are reward enough themselves!

MyOwnJudge Guppy Polishes

Which one is your favorite? Any requests?

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