All that glitters…

MyOwnJudge - OscarsWatching Oprah‘s dress glide across the floor and sparkle like it contained a twinkling star or two, was my favorite moment of the Oscars. When I searched the red carpet photos online, I was a little disappointed to find out that many played it safe. So guess who my favorites were? The glitter gals! Sequins and beads took the cake as standout pieces.MyOwnJudge - OscarsThe desire for more sparkle and drama reminded me that the turn of the season is upon us (that and my rising annoyance with my sinuses). Time to revamp the closets!

I found some shiny getups to get you excited without depressing your wallet, but most importantly – the first top looks like a DIY project anyone can do (cut out a trapezoid from sequined fabric, and safety pin onto a sweatshirt – sewing machines and sewing skills can be used to but… why? When you can be funky!).

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