Metallic Momentum

MyOwnJudge Sally HansenAdults have been telling me to eat and drink my vitamins for years now. You would think that a progression from chewables (they never tasted right to me) to ones you could swallow would be a little less drama, but now there’s the matter of being too busy to drink vitamins. When I think about it, I realize how foolish it is. Really? I don’t have spare time to remember to swallow something good for me? But enough about my vices.

As I attempt to better my vitamin habits, I am starting to try out the new polishes in my collection one by one, in between overhauls of going back to nubs and growing again.MyOwnJudge Sally Hansen MyOwnJudge Sally HansenI love the smoothness and opacity of this polish. It makes me think of Minx manis, although this isn’t as perfect. No flash on left, and flash on the right.

What’s on your nails?

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One thought on “Metallic Momentum”

  1. How crazy is it that I just popped 5 vitamins (from my pill case…so elderly, I know) while reading this post? Eat, drink and take your vitamins, woman!! That silver is wicked. Would be a perfect base color for a ruffian manicure. Woot!


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