Move Your Body Brights Widgets

I’ve been on a serious video game kick recently, getting all my cardio from various dance programs on game consoles (and don’t get me started on the sports games!). When I saw Beyonce’s new music video, I immediately hoped this would come to a Wii or Xbox near me pronto and then wondered why she doesn’t follow the way of MJ and have a “Beyonce: The Experience” game, she sure has enough songs to fill up one or two volumes.

Now aside from the cardio, the video is a perfect segue into spring and summer (if your thermometer hasn’t been showing you any love or you’ve been hiding indoors). The warmer weather always ushers in plenty white tees, shorts, and everything else as bright as a flower.

Check out some fun (and cheap – all under $25) bright picks to put some spring (and summer) in your step.

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