Sunrise, Sunset

La Mer Collection Sunrise/SunsetAs I sat at my laptop marveling at the beautiful scenery all around the new watch collection on La Mer Collection‘s website, I kept singing Fiddler on the Roof‘s Sunrise Sunset (and though the characters in the song sing about people getting older and time flying, I thought the same about having done nothing for the day and it being past midnight).La Mer Collection Sunrise/SunsetThe site is super user friendly, allowing you to preview what the watch would look like, while simulating the background (all tropical and worry free, in case you were wondering – no rain or work there!). Your time and numerous time zones are listed in the top left corner, as the narrative scrolls below.

The super affordable watches ($48) are perfect for summer (or mom!), with a band that’s of a comfortable enough material to withstand the heat without frying your wrist or peeling off a layer of skin. Plus – whether you’re like me and sweat like a nervous tick from the lightest activity, or you’re a sports fan (or fanatic…), the watch lets you sweat it all out without ruin.La Mer Collection Sunrise/SunsetNight (you can tell what time I was drafting this!)La Mer Collection Sunrise/SunsetSunriseLa Mer Collection Sunrise/SunsetMiddayLa Mer Collection Sunrise/SunsetSunset

Which part of the day are you? Night owl? Morning person?

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