Makeup Your Swimsuit

MyOwnJudge Mix and Match SwimsuitsThe day is upon us to hit the sandy shores of the beaches around us (or a flight away). Actually, if you’re more of a ‘glass half empty’ person, the days are dwindling, and we are wasting time at our computers (unless you’re the smarty pants reading on a gadget while sprawled out on a beach chair).

Various publications are clamoring for us to learn about which bathing suits are new and fresh, and which patterns are the hottest. The best part to it all is the advent of mixing and matching bathing suits. Originally, the concept was set forth to accommodate the different shapes of consumers (I mean really – who has a perfect combination of identical sized tops and bottoms?!), now it is perfect for renewing your swimwear the same way you would your closet (as is recommended for thrifty guys and gals).

I’ve seen people sport a solid complimentary top to their print bottom (or vice versa), and even less often have I seen two similarly colored patterned pieces together. At the end of the day, though I’m all for it, I can’t seem to muster up the guts to mix up my swimsuit. Celebs Audrina Patridge and Megan Fox have no fear when it comes to their suits. It just feels like I have on two different patterned socks in kindergarten and someone is laughing at me. Just me?

Do you mix and match?

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