Hello world!

Hi! It’s-a-me! Yaya!

After a suuuuuper duper long hiatus, I have returned to the blogging world! You may remember me as MyOwnJudge (blogger or .net!).

I realized that after getting most of my affairs in order (we’re not perfect), I missed talking makeup, reviewing products, and that frankly neither my dog nor boo was interested in listening (yes I tried. Pooch was into it at first…).

The switch to Sometimes Yaya? Well… my style, my personality, my ideas, they don’t fit a mold. Sometimes they match the popular stream, sometimes they match absolutely nothing. And that’s just fine! I can be a consonant and a vowel dagnabbit!

I look forward to seeing you guys here more often (or at all… ha!). Keep the conversation going with me across social media (IG/Twitter/Snap/Pinterest @SometimesYaya) while I figure this all out and churn out some content!


p.s. the image above is me messing around with ‘watercolor’ markers/brushes and maybe a logo. Let me know your thoughts!

p.p.s. I am very exclamation point friendly at this point in my life… #sorrynotsorry

p.p.p.s. Last one – promise. I finally figured out how to import the data and posts from MOJ. The posts below this are from five years ago when I could be found bloggin-a-plenty. Disregard any design, spelling, and/or image sizing snafus. Just reminisce on the memories.

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One thought on “Hello world!”

  1. Omg. I love this post! Maybe because I really love your personality in general! I too am exclamation point happy! And I love your logo too! This is really exciting 🙂


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