I see 3 Custom Color in my spring forecast

MOJ 3Color CusHow is the weather by you? Some of the chill factor has snuck back in, but the warmth that appeared mid last week has made itself at home in my wardrobe and makeup. Flats and light jackets and blazers are my uniform items to brave the errands of each day. Spring is also notorious (or famous…) for it’s showers. I happen to love the rain, so even if it does, I’m in a great mood. The mere shift in temperature makes me reach for neons and brights. Some of you may not be as crazy. I’ve accepted this fact ;). To adopt a brighter spring mentality, or even to transition into it smoothly, you might need a bit of sheer.

Many people notice a person’s face first. The eyes and the lips. When others notice you, I hope you have a smile readily available. That smile should be decorated with 3 Custom Color. I broke out my Three Custom Color sheer lipstick in Frangipani thinking that it would be bright as the Vegas lights, but found a peppy sheer coat. So I thought of y’all!

Frangipani sounded familiar so I checked the wiki. It is aptly the common name for a range of flowers found in a tropical climate. Tropical climates have rain, and flowers bloom in spring. So really… you need yourself some sheer pink in your life. Check out the swatches after the jump!

My natural lip with no flash. Sorry for the blur. Sometimes my eyes play tricks on me and what I think is clear turns blurry once it hits the computer!

Without flash it looks like it has a bit or orange or coral in it, si?

Left is without flash, right is with flash.

The lipstick felt like it was what I always look for from my lip and cheek stains – the ‘just right’ amount of flush and a bit of shine. I have not yet tried this product on cheeks, but I might just snip off a piece of lipstick and melt it down into a pan and use it as cream blush. If you’re not as experimental, check out the site for some fabulous colors that are easily build-able, given their sheer and soft creamy nature. I suggest Rebecca’s Favorite Blush or Pink Hyacinth.

When people comment on whether a product that offers gloss is sticky or not, I always think that the answer should be yes. Gloss is gooey (excuse the scientific terminology) and it will always stick in some sort of way. If it was powder, the case would clearly be different. With that said, there is no annoying stick factor to this lipstick. It does not work as a suction cup to all stray hairs in the breeze or grab on to any food particles that may come across it when you devour your morning croissant, bagel, or cookie (wouldn’t it be great to have all three without consequences?!).

Three Custom Color is also famous for recreating discontinued colors from any brand and concocting new colors that are just you (click here for more info). I might reach out to them to create the perfect purple lipstick/gloss that I have been craving and will let you know how it goes.

Does your makeup change with seasons? What’s your warmer weather secret?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on MOJ remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.

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Finally! Bloggin’ Beauts

So how long has everyone waited for me to say something about the Bloggin’ Beauts event? To be the cohost and planner, you’d think I’d be right on top of it right? …. crickets

With sensitivity to the fact that many of my readers are not NY based, I have started a new blog for the NYC Bloggin’ Beauts. I will probably mercilessly reference the upcoming events and such, but everything else will be on the blog. That kind of treaty work?

Now! Without further ado, I present to you the companies that worked with us. Want more details? Scurry your butt over to the NYC Bloggin’ Beauts Blog!



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Please note that most of these companies are up on the blog craze and are utilizing their blogs to reach out to their customers/fans as well as offer promotional codes and discounts!