(Wet n’) Wild About Blush (b’ Bronzer)

MyOwnJudge - Wet n' Wild BlushCall me the budding drugstore maven, because I have been converted to the land of the under $10 cosmetics. I have some things brewing in the background awaiting the curtains to rise and there is just no room to play around with money and beauty like there used to be (though even then I had no business spending the way I did). Add that to the fact that cosmetics companies have become very cognizant of the fact that customers want quality, pigment, and they want it with a coupon. What better place to do that than a drugstore? Even if the brand doesn’t issue coupons, there are always deals and specials to hook you.MyOwnJudge - Wet n' Wild BlushI spent some time getting reacquainted with Wet n’ Wild cosmetics. I was already aware of the new lipsticks (which continue to pack a punch might I add – check my older post about them here), but sinfully overlooked their blushes and eyeshadows for a while. Well, my most recent run for milk and soda gave me reason to bring some home with me. I snagged three blushes and a bronzer (and for less than five dollars a pop, you really can get away with buying the whole collection with change to spare). As I set forth to photograph and test the newbies in my arsenal, I couldn’t resist toppling them like dominoes (the photos do the gameplay absolutely no justice!).MyOwnJudge - Wet n' Wild BlushThe variety of shades are great for different skin tones and color payoff desires (i.e. if you’re a plum/coral/pink fan).

MyOwnJudge - Wet n' Wild Blush MyOwnJudge - Wet n' Wild BlushThese powdered gals are great for layering. They went on pretty thin with one swipe and I was worried that hoodwinked, but then a second and third swipe gave priceless payoff. Not to mention, the 80s have been gone for a while, and no one needs the pigmentation three swipes deliver (though it’s good to know it’s a possibility). The photographs are also a bit different in coloring because the right was taken with flash (and is the true to life color).

You can see by the veins that peek through on my hand that despite layering, the colors don’t morph into war paint and become opaque. I had an easy time blending the colors on my hand, so one can only assume it’ll be the same on your face.

Tip: to maintain an even blush/bronzer application, make sure you moisturize your skin and then provide a primer/foundation layer for it to go on top of. The moisturizer will keep your skin moist and prevent drying-cracking mishaps, and the primer (or foundation) will create an even barrier between the powder and your skin, preventing blotchiness and allowing for a smooth blending process.

Have you found any drugstore gems recently?

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Korres Never Fails

MOJ Loves KorresEverytime I post or find a product from Korres, I am equal parts in love and addicted. At first? I was a bit skeptical. What does this organic product have to offer for me? Now? Well, now I know the answer is everything!

From skin care to lip treatments, I have been turning to the brand for guaranteed happiness. This is exactly what I got when I purchased my first Korres blush (44 Orange). I bought it way back when I was at the Artist Summit in Miami, so you’ll understand the urge for me to showcase it to you. I’ll put this bad boy into action soon, and of course, you’ll be the first to hear about it. Check out the swatch after the jump and let me know what you think!

MOJ Loves Korres
Let me say as much as I love fancy or witty packaging, I also love when a brand knows just how to be a perfect minimalist. Where the product is simple – a square with not much show about it, and just a simple font describing the product. Still looks pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Success!

MOJ Loves Korres
The top is one swipe and the bottom is two. The color is very buildable and can be blended to a glow similar to that after just the right amount of time in the sun, to whatever depth you want it to be.

Want to get it? Purchase the Korres  blush here: mine is 44 Orange.

What do you own from Korres? Have a favorite blush?

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