Korres Never Fails

MOJ Loves KorresEverytime I post or find a product from Korres, I am equal parts in love and addicted. At first? I was a bit skeptical. What does this organic product have to offer for me? Now? Well, now I know the answer is everything!

From skin care to lip treatments, I have been turning to the brand for guaranteed happiness. This is exactly what I got when I purchased my first Korres blush (44 Orange). I bought it way back when I was at the Artist Summit in Miami, so you’ll understand the urge for me to showcase it to you. I’ll put this bad boy into action soon, and of course, you’ll be the first to hear about it. Check out the swatch after the jump and let me know what you think!

MOJ Loves Korres
Let me say as much as I love fancy or witty packaging, I also love when a brand knows just how to be a perfect minimalist. Where the product is simple – a square with not much show about it, and just a simple font describing the product. Still looks pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Success!

MOJ Loves Korres
The top is one swipe and the bottom is two. The color is very buildable and can be blended to a glow similar to that after just the right amount of time in the sun, to whatever depth you want it to be.

Want to get it? Purchase the Korres  blush here: mine is 44 Orange.

What do you own from Korres? Have a favorite blush?

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5 thoughts on “Korres Never Fails”

  1. Ohh I love, love!
    Not too keen on the color but I love the blush. Korres' powders are amongst the best I tried as they're super friendly to sensitive skin.


  2. I am also addicted to Korres! I love their tinted moisturizer, and the last time that I bought a tube, it came with a full-size bronzer and a travel primer for free! I always shy away from bronzer since I'm pale and they make me look orange, but this is the best bronzer I've ever used. Yay Korres!


  3. @IMM – The color seems bright but can go on really light as well. I do agree that they are the best because they don't interfere with your skin at all. None of their products do!

    @Kristen – I love that they have so many mixed products available and they are all affordable. I love their kits sold at Sephora and everywhere else. It's usually like getting a 2 or 3 for 1 deal!

    @Rai – As far as I know these blushes don't make darker skin colors look ashy. Like I already said, they're super blendable, and that pencil is really good too 🙂


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