Garden Gone!

Coach Popppy Project
Just a quick thank you to everyone who helped MOJ stay in the running for the Coach Poppy Project. I didn’t make it to first place but I did get to 31 out of 400 (check out the leaderboard). That’s pretty darn spiffy! And it was all thanks to all your support!

Stay tuned for bigger and better things!

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I’m Growing a Poppy Garden!

Coach PoppyHave you noticed the pop up bar on the top right of the screen every time you visit Partnering with Coach, MOJ is one of the many sites trying to grow a Poppy garden.

Are you all familiar with Poppy? It is a younger and more colorful line for Coach, which features less expensive items for their younger clientele, or the broke clientele (see me raising my hand?). This line is also great for people who like their monogram Coach items but want something with bright colors.

Now on to the fun stuff:
Help MOJ grow the Poppy Garden. To help, you can do any of the following:

  • Visit MOJ (
  • Click on the Poppy Trail to find other interesting blogs
  • Use the hashtag #MyOwnJudge on Twitter. If you use keywords like colors, those colors should pop up in my garden – aim for purple, pink, yellow, and green, they’re awfully pretty!

Coach Poppy

What’s the benefit?
You can win stuff! Just look out for a handbag in the pattern and click on it when you find it! Plus, I’ll have the most awesome Poppy Garden, thanks to you. Isn’t that great too?! 🙂

Coach Poppy
Good luck!

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