How Do You See Your Day in Hell?

MOJ MoxieBy my non-scientific count, the majority of the readers here are female. So it would behoove both you and I for me to share this information. You know our gift? Everybody has a different name for it. The monthly gift, code red, little friend, visitor, Aunt Flo, the red curse, etc. Any gentlemen reading? Not too worry – I won’t be going in specifics. I’m talking about a fashionable and playful way to take care of business!

Now, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Certain things are completely shameless to me. My momma taught me no such thing. When the time of the month came? Shoot, I had to do what I had to do. None of the blushing and carrying a whole handbag to the bathroom. But no judgement here! To each their own. But why not a pretty and fashionable each and own? Enter Moxie. I’ve come to appreciate the Aussies. Spurred on by Nancy from the Informed Makeup Maven, I’ve started to realize all the Aussie in my life has been a pretty 1:1 ratio of fabulousness.

Moxie is a brand that gussies up what is the mundane and necessary. They are the equivalent of having Helloy Kitty band-aids. They put tampons, pads, and panti-liners in cute tins. The name stands for gals with attitude (does it not? check dictionary.comcourageaggressiveness, nerve). I love a company that doesn’t prey on females as weak victims (oh no – we bleed!), but rather as tough beauties with strength (we do it every month with perfect accessories to boot!). Check after the jump for the rest of the scoop.

The tins are packaged with simpled pink stripes and a petite bow. Just enough to keep us girly, but not in a high tower yelping for assistance from a knight in shining armor. It is a new era, ya know. Gals can ride horses too!

I like that the tins are so attractive that you can use them as coin jars or tins for credit cards and cash afterwards. Business cards, or whatever else you can think of!

Here are some screenshots of the packaging:

Did you notice their slogan?

My favorite product from the bunch is the pack of tampons. The design just gets me. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I love creative packaging.

These babies are widely available in Australia and New Zealand. No – it doesn’t stop there. Duane Reade carries them on the east coast (and with the recent Walgreens acquisition of Duane Reade, I am not sure about the technicalities of the contracts Duane Reade has with vendors and if there will be rollovers going on) everyone on the other ends of the US or other countries are welcome to visit The site actually runs very good deals on the Moxie products, and they have some kind of sale going on on a month to month basis.

The actual products are pretty good. I have tried the regular products and they deliver on the promise. I have yet to attempt with the heavy and overnight products, and will let you know when I do. The tampons are a bit more bang for your buck than the pads are, in regards to quantity, but I really feel like the packaging makes up for it. None of the products are over ten dollars and range from four to nine a pack.

They have a Facebook (if you become a fan you can request a free sample!)and Twitter account. The pinup spokesperson, Millie Moxette is the gal behind all tweets. Check her out and tell her @MyOwnJudge sent ya!

How do you make your day in hell brighter?

To remain full transparency with the MOJ disclosure policy, it should be noted that some of these products were provided to the author from the company during a product preview event, and some were purchased in Duane Reade.

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