The weather in New York is absolutely splendid today. I am always really sensitive to the heat because I start sweating as though under a heat lamp, so these breezy interruptions are godsends.

I wanted to put up some sale notices so that no matter your location, your day could be just as breezy!

Laura Gellet at Rue La La
Laura Geller Cosmetics starting at $12 at Rue La La. Click for your invite!
Also on sale at Rue La La: Judith Ripka Jewelry, Prairie, Surrey, Jack Victor

Some other sales:
American Apparel (womenswear, menswear, handbags), Judith Lieber sunglasses, Hazel&Harlow Jewelry all on sale at Hautelook. Click for your invite!

Marc New York, Walter (the cutest womenswear ever!), Olivia Care body products, Blush lingerie, Yochi designs jewelry,  White Watches (white accessories) at ideeli. Click over for your invite!

Vera Wang Collection, DKNY shoes, Derek Lam, Keds, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas for men, Diesel shoes for men at Gilt. Your invite!

Planning to get anything? Let me know!

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Search & Win

Yaya had a little L.A.M.B

I don’t know what it was but once I came across my first L.A.M.B handbag design I knew I was in trouble. This was a brand that became part of the notorious crew present in my lust list. The shoes and handbags never disappoint (as in I always want at least one of nearly everything out for mass consumption). Recently I’ve visited the outlets at Woodbury Commons and purchased one I could call my own.


I love the design because the blue is as bright as I love my colors to be. It matches my fave winter coat, AND the design looks like vines or skyscrapers depending on how you look at it.

The only thing making me sad? That I can’t get my favorite brand for as cheap a deal as I did at the outlet. Why? Well I can’t really trek out an hour from home by car every time I want to, now can I? Not really. But sample site Ideeli has the quick fix! They have the L.A.M.B handbags & accessories on sale now. I’m running over faster than I can press ‘Publish Post.’ You can too if you click on your invite link here. Remember, Ideeli doesn’t just do sales, they have popular brand giveaways too, but everything is 2-3 days short, so don’t lose out!

Do you have a favorite brand? Let me know!

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More Sales my lovelies!

Nothing hurts more than paying retail. Especially for shoes. I mean – they can be collector’s items y’all.

With that in mind, I’ve got an invite for you from ideeli.

They have a shoe sale coming up! Click here or enter this into your web browser for some shopping fun. Even if you don’t shop, they have giveaways. And for the day that you do shop? Well you’ll already be an insider!