Gisele – the Terminator’s Sweet Dream

Gisele DT MagazineHot mama Gisele is looking as great post baby as she did beforehand in the new shoot for DT magazine’s October issue.

Photo Credit: HotCelebsHome and

The supermodel’s photo shoot for the Italian publication is full of grunge and heavy metal. My first thought when I saw the images was that it looked like the Terminator’s wet dream.

The shoot was styled with chain-mail, leather, and cargo pants. She’s sporting a chain fringe bib necklace, something I’m dying to make (but can never find enough time for!).

There’s a shot of her holding two tires, and I’d like to know if those were real or just props, because those buggers can be heavy!
Gisele DT Magazine
Check out some metal and chain accessories you can pick up for under $50 to rock some heavy metal in your jewelry drawer.

Gisele DT Magazine

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AMEXNYFW SS11: Chrishabana

When I went over my schedule of shows to attend during fashion week, I happened upon the Chrishabana presentation. Racking my brain for all previous shows and presentations, I was wondering what it would be like. Would there be models? Will they sit still for hours? Will there be photographs? The longer I thought about it, the more ludicrous my ideas became.
Until I walked into the room. Under glass, there were designs laid out on lace. In between twigs and surgical gloves, this tactile presentation was meant to pique one’s interest in various ways.

After oohing and ahhing over partnerships with various metals and designs (roses, crosses, and thorns), shooting the designer some questions was inevitable. What was the inspiration behind this collection? Designer, Chris Habana’s answer?
Being single. Chris said that by the conclusion of creating this collection, it was dedicated to three individuals. When asked if it was the loves or losses, he said both.

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Have you tried a DIY project recently?

PhotobucketWhen something crosses my path too many times, it starts to become a mini obsession. Whether it is shopping, crafting, reading, etc. I end up doing it like a madman until I tire myself out and then the miscellaneous closet grows bigger and bigger. Are you the same way?

As I have mentioned before, large necklaces are everywhere. The it accessory trend of 2009, bib necklaces ushered in the mixed medium neckwear. Every time I spot one in a store I am tempted to buy one and each time the good ones are either out of my budget or aren’t as good as I want them to be.

So I’m on a DIY kick.

I used eBay and took a quick trip to Michael’s for some crafts and bought some jewelry at Forever 21 and $1 necklace/bracelet street vendors and am trolling the web for awesome tutorials. I think my first attempt will be with ribbon, as that is much easier than using metal, prying it apart and clipping it back together. I don’t even know if I’m using the appropriate lingo. 🙂

Image credit: DeviantArt user bchurch

Check out the faves I found as inspiration:

Banana Republic at ShopStyle

Oh did I pique your interest? some of these sites will give you a good start for the DIY bandwagon that I am clearly late to jump on:

Tutorial by Meagan. She also has great outfit posts and DIY everything else whenever the mood strikes.
This tutorial on is probably a high level tutorial. Looks super fancy. Want to make one now!!
Now this? Some ribbon and what could be a keychain holder – or a metal ring. M.I.S.S has the perfect tutorial here!
And an elegant pearl necklace tutorial at Style Me Pretty.

Have you done any DIY projects? Know a good tutorial? Let me know!

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