Golly Gee Whillikers, Batwings!

Remember the old times of Batman, when Robin would always have crazy exclamations (check out iMdb for some more memorable quotes)? Well the Cyber Weekend has made my mind go batty.

The Norma Kamali batwing top from Walmart reminds me of Beetlejuice (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) meets The Addams Family. The stripe combination of dark grey to black is just enough for it to become a far away optical illusion and adds more slimming properties than the regularly fattening support that stripes often donate to the wearer.

Batwing is a favorite style of mine. First of all – there are no sweat stains to think of, ever. For someone who sweats profusely, this is a major plus. Second, the style is super shape conscious. The extra space around the bust and shoulders is actually slimming when you consider how it tapers at the sleeves and the waist for a slimming effect (it might not be a genius idea for gals with a big bust who want to minimize though, as it may just make it look bigger). The style is also super dramatic and regal (think about putting your hands on your waist). Oh and this cutie pie? It costs $12 thankyouverymuch (and shipping is 97cents, so it remains a win).

Check out some more batwing styles below. Click on any of the images to see how much they hurt the wallet, you might need one for the holidays. Is the style a win(g) for you too, or is it just me that’s gone bat(ty)? 🙂

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Fashion’s Night Out

The inbox is bursting as events keep popping up. I have taken to Facebook to asking for help in covering the events or creating clones. My only payment for this help at the moment is cookies. Any takers?! 🙂

Check out the events coming up below, and let me know where you’ll be!

Norma Kamali

Check out the rest of the events happening after work hours. Almost all stores are open as late as you never thought they would be. Take advantage!

Nine West
Laura Geller Lulu Guiness
Brooklyn Style
Fashion Central
Fashion Central
Victoria's Secret
ASOS and Teen Vogue
Lord and Taylor
Where will you be?

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