The Reinvention of Helena Bonham Carter – kind of

Helena Bonham CarterHow many SAG notices have you caught up with so far? By the time I get through all my readings, I have seen every angle of every outfit, what they looked like on the runway, and how to reconstruct the night for myself on the cheap. But am I any different with this jewel? Absolutely not! Get ready for this y’all.

Helena Bonham Carter walked the red carpet in a more demure outfit from her repertoire. Though she looks spectacular, I kind of enjoy all her period piece-like outfits. It gives her character, and isn’t the promised land of drapery and trains. It’s almost as if her roles seep into her closet and live a little bit of life on the red carpet.
Helena Bonham CarterHow do you prefer it?

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Flattering vs. Fattening at the SAG Awards

How many of y’all caught the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards today? I caught my share of award shows for the month by watching the Golden Globes, so I logged in online to catch the fashions. Were they smashhhiiiiinnnn? 🙂

I have some opinions about the above mentioned shows, but I got just one question for you. How do you feel about Niecy Nash’s getup?

MOJ Niecy Nash at SAG Awards

Image credit: courtesy of and Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

I really like the beaded (or is it sequin-ed?) band on her dress and the black material overall. Makes her look silky smooth and slender in the midsection. The only qualm? I’m not sure how I feel about the ruched white part. I don’t know if there’s lots of push up, if she just has a lot to work with up there, or if she was better off having a lace overlay on it, or an all black dress.

What do you say Ladies & Gents of the Jury? Is this dress flattering or fattening?

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