Swag Attack at Duane Reade

So as we decided – I will confess my shopping sins to y’all as soon as they are committed…

This is the damage post a visit to Duane Reade:

I got a 98 color palette for $5!! It was $9.99 and I used my $5 rewards… ta-da!

I also got three Revlon scented polishes (I have been visiting them in the drugstore for days already and I had to get a couple – at least I didn’t get them all!!) I also got a Maybelline palette for either the goodie bag for the Doll Contest or maybe for a swap. I have also started myself on a bright pink lipstick kick and got one in the shade from Jane and Prestige. I also got a Styli-Style Khol pencil thingamabob (and a second one for gifting – not pictured) – it’s new and seems interested.

8 thoughts on “Swag Attack at Duane Reade”

  1. ooo I want a 98 color palette! That is an amazing deal. I wanna going your contest, I’ll try to work on it this weekend. If I do it, It’ll be my very first. Woo!

    All of your hauls make me wanna go and spend money lol


  2. I think we may have the same 98 palette. 🙂 Mine is called Profusion and I also have another called “Colormates”

    if you have anyyyyyy suggestions to keep these colors ON, please tell me! XD

    the colors are bright but it only seems to last around to 3 hours.. then completely disappears off your lid. haha


  3. wut a steal for $5!!

    has a lot of ppl submitted in their DOLL looks yet? im still researchin on mines… i actually did one but it was a failure.. Hahhaha so mayb gotta find another pic…=X



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