Sally Hansen Problem Child

MyOwnJudgeThis is a story all about how… yours truly walked into a drugstore (Duane Reade) and failed to leave empty handed yet again. My new indulgence? Two colors that caught my eye for different reasons.

Sally Hansen‘s Problem Child is a purple creamy pearl shade (make sense?) with a slight black and metallic overtone. The best part are the gold flecks swimming around the bottle. Touch of Mink was a must as the new addition to my gray/brown family. The color just looks so darn smooth.MyOwnJudgeI could have a photo shoot with just the bottle.MyOwnJudgeAfter complete and utter joy at swatching the first shade (and thus a plea to ignore the lack of signs of a cleanup by the cuticles), I found that the gold flecks, though visible, are more clear under intense inspection, but rather hidden and secretive – a bit like a hallucination moment from afar.

Added any new colors to your collection?

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What the?

So I went to Tarjayyyy for some cereal, deodorant, and a birthday card.

I of course was seduced by the cosmetics aisle!

I got two things from the JK Jemma Kidd line (since Rai asked me about it) and two from the NP eye palette collection.

I have already tried the NP palettes, so I was just getting some more colors but one of the palettes (Atlanta) – described on the packaging as plum/purple looks very much brown/neutral to me. I went online to see if I was losing my mind and the images on the Target website are just as incorrect.

What I got: The packaging: The picture on the site:

and in real life:

Does that look like plum/purple to you?

Hot mess.

The damage:

NP E/S Palettes in Seattle & Atlanta

JK Jemma Kidd Sheer Vanity Gloss & Glaze in A la Mode & I-Style Pro Duo in Chic

Stay tuned for the JK review later in the day!

Terra Shadows

[[edit]]: So this was scheduled to pop up on 6/19/09 and still is. What’s up witcha blogger?

Hi all,

This is a mix of a Swag Attack and a follow up post to when I introduced y’all to Terra Shadow. As promised, I of course went back and got a couple more colors and none of them disappoint.

Here’s how I did:

I already had Midnight/Ice & Afternoon/Pleasure so the other three are newbies. Say welcome!

The swatches:

These are all single swipes!! They are all super pigmented and feel like silk to the touch. I am thinking of getting some doubles for prizes and giveaways.

Stay tuned for when I use these bad boys for a look!

Swag Attack!

I’ve been bad. VISA can tell you that. So can Mastercard. Discover too. But here’s what I got to show for it!!

The damage done from the Makeup Show

I also tried a couple of new products through all my lollygagging through the city. I bought two eyeshadows from Terra Shadow. I have been looking at them in the drugstore for a while now but finally got a few to try out. Look at the pics!

Found them in Duane Reade (which is like CVS and Walgreen’s in NY). I didn’t think they would be sooo pigmented or so bright. I am most definitely going back for more!

Theeen I went to a Beauty Supply store in downtown Brooklyn lol (they are all pretty much one store locations, so I usually don’t bother getting the names – sorry!). I tried out Sinful Colors and Profusion lip gloss. Amazing! I am soo addicted now!

Profusion in 10
Sinful Colors in Icy and Wink

Here are the swatches:

Sinful Colors in Wink

I tried it with my super bright light and without it – left side is more realistic colorwise.

Sinful Colors in Icy

Profusion in 10

The only thing I don’t like about the Sinful glosses are the applicators:

By now, I think I have probably used up half of the Profusion lip gloss (it reminds me of MAC cream sheen – will have to see if there are dupes), and have big dreams of an amateur photo shoot for the Sinful Colors gloss. Plus they were all super cheap! Nothing over $3.00!

For the indulgent MAC purchase to brighten up a gloomy day, I bought the Dazzleglass in Smile!

So of course I had to smile! lol

Plus the lipgloss is covering a pimple!

Okay no more confessing for a while (I hope).

Swag Attack – Target


So it went as it always does – yaya goes in for contact lens solution and toilet paper (okay not always but necessities is what I mean!) and she leaves with an additional bagful of goodies.

I didn’t take pictures of the toilet paper or the contact lens solution, because … really.

I got a recycled cotton makeup bag and 3 Pixi makeup palettes. After getting home, and after a whole subway ride of thinking ‘why did I buy THREE more palettes?’ I decided I would probably only keep the bottom palette for myself and keep the other two for swaps and giveaways.

I also have never tried Pixi – have you?

Swag Attack at Duane Reade

So as we decided – I will confess my shopping sins to y’all as soon as they are committed…

This is the damage post a visit to Duane Reade:

I got a 98 color palette for $5!! It was $9.99 and I used my $5 rewards… ta-da!

I also got three Revlon scented polishes (I have been visiting them in the drugstore for days already and I had to get a couple – at least I didn’t get them all!!) I also got a Maybelline palette for either the goodie bag for the Doll Contest or maybe for a swap. I have also started myself on a bright pink lipstick kick and got one in the shade from Jane and Prestige. I also got a Styli-Style Khol pencil thingamabob (and a second one for gifting – not pictured) – it’s new and seems interested.

Swag Attack. Part One – Pic HEAVY

Hey y’all

So I was serious when I said swag attack at the end of the month would be some heavy shopping. So much so, that I will have to make it a two day thing b/c really y’all – it takes a while to post these things and to make sure I’m not sitting around by the comp all day long like a loser either. Girl got 2 jobs here remember? Some of the items purchased (i.e. clothes) will almost never make it to swag attack, whereas others are omitted due to either forgetfulness or lack of need (i.e. if I got a double of something etc.). As always – it’s a never say never type of situation so terms are always subject to change.

Also: to anyone who is interested in swatches/names leave a comment or e-mail me. Editing and loading these was hard enough without swatching everything and posting all their names – or maybe yo soy muy LAZY! 🙂

from CVS
deep conditioning/hot oil treatments

random accessories
3 pairs of earrings H&M
ring Aldo
bracelet Urban Outfitters

from Cherry Culture
LA Colors eyeshadow palette
2 Amuse eyeliners (brown, black)
2 Amuse lipglosses

from Duane Reade
Styli-Style lipstain
2 Sally Hansen nail polishes
NYC glitter polish (this one is Rai‘s fault)
2 Milani powder eyeshadows

from Beauty Supply
Brush-on eyelash adhesive
4 NYX pigments
Nail Polish
Ardell lashes

from Sephora
2 Urban Decay shadows (Asphyxia, Midnight Cowgirl)
4 MUFE Fard Gras Cream Shadow pots (gold, bronze, coral, indigo-ish)

from Walgreens
5 Milani powder eyeshadows
Milani Runway eyeshadow (Lily White)
OPI (You Don’t Know Jacques) from Duane Reade

from Urban Outffitters
6 LA Girl Flare nail polishes
4 Medusa eyeshadows

eyeshadow closeup & names

also from Urban Outfitters (sep trip lol)
3 Medusa eyeshadows

Thanks for enabling my habit!
Remember to contact me at
if you are interested in
prices/swatches/shade names/swaps.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow and enter the contest before the time is up!

Also! Remember that all images are clickable for better viewing pleasure.
All pictures were taken on my iPhone due to the technological camera boycott going on in my house (translation – they don’t work!)

Feb Swag Attack (pic heavy)

Instead of letting y’all in on my problems with purchasing on a regular basis, I am going to make this monthly, so on the last day of every month – watch out for Swag Attack! This month I’d say I was good (at least in comparison to how I foresee March going down in the history books). Like my honey says when he sees new shadows/items: “I smell a big purchase in there.”

Well here’s what the scent carried folks:

Sephora Swag:
MUFE Glossy Full Couleur in pale pink (I think #7)
MUFE Flash Color E/S in Fard Gras (or pale green as Sephora calls it)
MUFE Eye Seal (wanted to see if it worked better than others… )
Sephora by OPI nail polish in Metro Chic
(got it b/c it was the closest dupe of OPI You Don’t Know Jacques and I have been trying to track
that down for weeks already – sold out – though now that I think about it… why didn’t I order it online sooner? … ANYWAY!! – See sample below)
Too Faced Mirror Mirror Gloss in I’m Perfect (scroll down to 2/26 to read my review)

It looks a little more gray in person.

Got some cheapies from Feel Beauty Supply in downtown Brooklyn. Everything on that list was $2 or under each (not counting the polish b/c that cost more and was from another store… Didn’t get a chance to sample the polish yet!! ahh!)

Went to CVS and Duane Reade to get items to review and came back with aplenty.
Got a Gel Liner Palette from Pantina (their site is under construction) in Duane Reade b/c it looked interesting. I found an article snippet about the company here if anyone’s interested.

Pantina Gel-Liner Palette (see swatches below)
CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stains in 420 and 415 (for a future review)
L’Oreal HIP Jelly Balm in Savory 420 (seems to be my # for lips I guess)
& Sally Hansen Insta-Dry nail polish in Lightening 10(I swatched it on a nail once before and it really did dry fast and I also happen to be a sucker for bright colors so when I saw it again, had to take it home – see sample below)

Also – me being me, I remixed the Pantina color names since they were a little too plain to me.

The colors in the palette are generically named:
Charcoal, Plum, Dark Gold, Green Blue, Bronzy, Black, Brown

Now you see why I had to switch it up?! =]~

Looked different in different lights.

I had to swatch it and photograph it in different lights because the photo of the actual palette didn’t come out satisfactory. See for yourself!

And now the polish…