This Is What I Call Fam!

So Miss B from Clumps of Mascara totally surprised me with a care package that made my entire week!! This package was extremely packed! When she asked me what she should send should she ever have something to send my way (sneaky!) I told her some nail polishes and new stuff was always welcome…

uh hello jackpot!

She sent me China Glaze (which I never tried) and e.l.f & Essie, along with a Nic Stick, she sent MAC eyeshadow! Organix Shampoo & Conditioner, Dental Burst wipes, EcoTools powder puffs, and so so so much more!!

I swapped the China Glaze polishes. This is Orange Knockout – this is with flash and shows the true color, however, it is very thin in application and would need to be mixed with something to make it look as if it is more than one coat. With three coats, it is still as thin as one, and looks a little malnourished, maybe I will ask Dr.Frankenpolish for help?

This was Avalanche and applied great. This is a photo without flash. I don’t know if I’m bold enough to rock this color, but I think some funky nail designs will make it more fun and yaya appropriate. 🙂

How happy was I? Boy oh boy!

But wouldn’t you be with something like this at your doorstep?!

7 thoughts on “This Is What I Call Fam!”

  1. OMG! Looooook. And is that Hello Kitty I see?! =D
    Lucky you and how nice of her.
    China Glaze is a must for me to get next and some EcoTools brushes.


  2. Wow! That would make anyone’s entire week. Let me know how you like Nic’s sticks (or w.e they’re called.. can’t be bothered to google it up atm lol.. so lazy!). Enjoy the goodies


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