Jury Time

Ladies and Gents of the Jury:

May I present to you: YSL limited edition summer 09 collection (I’m impressed).

From the Source: YSL’s SUMMER LOOK 2009

This season, the Yves Saint Laurent woman basks in the mesmerizing beauty and exoticism of Africa. With warm and radiant contrasting colours, she is bold and beautiful and supremely glamorous.

As far as pricey makeup goes, my wallet is usually less inclined to splurge on it, as much as it is with clothing, food, etc (yummm food!). Usually, I am under the impression that the color and packaging is not so far above par that I should spend double or triple the normal limit that I set. But really… I am loving how they did the model’s makeup… the palettes, the color combo, and thus am yearning to waste my own money? 🙂

The lip and eye palettes, respectively:

Each palette is $62 (I warned ya). So what say you jury? What’s your verdict?

3 thoughts on “Jury Time”

  1. The palettes look amazing, but HELL NO! lol
    I’m not one to drop all that money just for a major name brand. =D
    I rather waste it on food. hehe.


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