Ladies & Gents!

Guess what came via the postman? The new Harper’s Bazaar! While I may not comment on the contents until the weekend (Magazine Weekend) I will let y’all decide on the cover.

I know there has been bad blood in the media and readers alike about photoshopping recently, and Halle’s newstand cover… HOWEVER what I’m concerned about ahora is that she looks so gooood on the subscriber cover. How smart was I to subscribe? (I just had to take a pic with my phone lol)

Image credit: Harper’s Bazaar

If you haven’t heard: many comments have flown left and right about her skin lightening/photoshopped image on the newstand cover. I would like to say that the color they used for the background does nothing to help, and they also changed the lighting to wash her out. They did no such thing on the subscriber cover as you can see here.

What’s most important (lol) is what she’s wearing on the cover that I like… She’s wearing the Dior dress that Eva Mendes wore and I couldn’t stop thinking about (I even took a picture of the dress on my phone… don’t ask)

Image credit: People Photo credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

What’s your verdict o jury of mine? How do you feel about either cover or any other rambling point I just presented?

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