Let’s Discuss

Talk It Out Tuesdays is what I thought of for the one undecided day left in my schedule.

So let’s do it chil’ren! 🙂

Glamour asked: “Have you ever actually finished an eyeshadow?”

That got me thinking… I have had to throw many out. I have come to dislike some, broke many, lost a few. But have I ever seen the bottom of one? Not I.

Photo credit: Sephora & Stila

I have seen the bottom of plenty a lip gloss. ONE concealer (MUFE!!). Only the bottom of clear nail polishes. The bottom of a perfume bottle, lotion, etc.

Never a mascara || Never a lipstick || Never an eyeshadow || Never a blush || Never a nail polish bottle that’s not clear.

How about you?

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss”

  1. haha I broke a few by dropping them! I’ve gotten really close to finishing them, but then it becomes such a nuisance to use/ugly to look at when there’s so little in it I just throw it out.


  2. I don’t want to see the bottom..makes me sad! Lol. But I think it’d be nice to finish up products before I toss them, definitely…so I am going to try the ten pan thing. Doubt I’ll manage!


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