Victoria’s Secret Eyeshadow Duo

MyOwnJudgeI never thought the day would come when Victoria’s Secret would add eyeshadow flat pans to their Beauty Rush line, as opposed to continually expanding their baked shadows. A baked shadow makes me as happy as the next makeup lover, but I have this thing about organization, and pulling out pans and placing them in the containers I want with the color themes the mind fancies.MyOwnJudgeThough cute, the packaging seems to be a little extra for the amount of product you’re buying. It reminds me of the pods (if that’s what they were called) used in The Jetsons to get around. Maybe it’s meant to make the shadow somewhat shatterproof – something to test and report!MyOwnJudgeI picked a nondescript light cream and khaki color combination Snow Toasty (and it seems it is no longer for sale online). The shadow is pretty silky to the touch.MyOwnJudgeColor swatches on paper, and on skin:MyOwnJudgeI applied the colors both dry and wet and was a bit underwhelmed. It barely gives much to write home about when dry, and appropriate for a neutral look when applied wet. The colors sell two for $12 or five for $20, with no limit to what you mix together – mascara, lip gloss, a lipstick, and a shadow duo? Be my guest. Within the price range it’s forgivable, but it’s more of a skip unless you wanted a nondescript neutral duo.

Have you tried these duos?

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Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes

I’m usually very skeptical of uber cheap cosmetics. Why should 28 colors ever cost under three dollars? What did they save money on? Was it color? Quality? Safety? Packaging? What’s the secret!?!MyOwnJudgeMy last trip to Walgreen’s had me come face to face with a Profusion wallet palette, retailing for $2.99. My suspicions were only halfway put to rest by my previous experience with the brand and their lipgloss, and I thought the brand may be a sister company (or even the same?) to the Profound $5.00 palette. Plus, I thought, how much damage can you do with $2.99 I already decided to spend on unneeded items like gum and chocolate (I put them down in favor of cosmetics!)?MyOwnJudgeThe beauty wallets are very space friendly and boast a plethora of different colors. The wallets are in various color combinations and correspond to the color of the packaging. I purchased the violet and lime green, but there were others available. The size of these is slightly smaller than a cd case overall, but pretty much as thick as a cd case is.MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeAs you all may continue to read, I am a packaging junkie. I really like their ‘Beauty Wallet’ premise, but opening the packaging had me verging on temporary insanity. What I thought would be an easy plastic case to remove turned into a rage of ripping up the packaging.

This could have damaged the shadows had I not aimed away, or if I dropped the darn thing (happens often to me). If you decide to purchase this palette, take it from me and use scissors to open it up.MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeThe sleeve on the packaging doesn’t contain much information other than the ingredients. The palette doesn’t name any of the colors (which isn’t the greatest idea, because I’d like to know if they’ve been reused in other palettes), but does have a chart on the back of the sleeve numbering the colors – which aid in depicting swatches for me.MyOwnJudge
I took inventory of how the colors come off by swatching them on paper and then applying with a wet brush to my skin.MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeSome of the colors look very similar to one another, but after trying them all out, I can say I like the combinations and that there is variety to the palette, compared to others having preference to neutral or blush colors.MyOwnJudgeThe wallet looks most attractive without the product sleeve and doesn’t look like a palette from the outside at all.


  • This is a definite win if you’re trying to mask your “I need nothing to look like this” plan.
  • The price of $2.99 cannot be beat.
  • The color payoff is pretty good, especially when applied wet.
  • There is a mini tutorial on the inside cover.


  • It is not an organic product (meaning it contains talc, mineral oil, and synthetic wax among others).

Skip a machiato or a soda for the day and grab this palette.

Have you tried this? Do you want to?

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Denimania – Beauty Rush Eyeshadows

Beauty Rush EyeshadowI know – I’m a little tardy to the party. The Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Limited Edition Denimania collection has been on shelves (pink buckets, really) for a while now, and only now do I venture out to see what it’s all about.

To tell you honestly, I am on a backlog to try out and test so many products, that adding to the pile seems silly. While new collections and products intrigue me, very few come home with me. Money talks pretty loud, and the backlog even louder. With that said, the coupon for a free pair of panties had me knocking on Victoria’s door.

My purchase consisted of some shadows, a newly packaged mascara, and some other extras to come to MOJ shortly.
Beauty Rush Eyeshadow
Mine came super dusty around the top for some reason. These look like baked shadows (correct me if I’m wrong).
Beauty Rush Eyeshadow
These shadows are supposed to be used both in wet and dry form. I have only swatched them dry so far and am loving the dimensional shimmer and how soft they are. They are also very easy to build up.

Have you tried these?

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Stila doesn’t upset

MOJ Stila Eyeshadow2010 started off with a hell of a bang for many cosmetic companies. Everyone is really trying to do a major overhaul of not just their image, but their product. The consumer (you and I) is getting more and more picky as there is an abundance of choice all around us.

Stila Cosmetics can rely on my customer loyalty because I love their illustrations (okay that’s not the only great thing about them…). I also have several glosses and palettes from them and can verify that the quality is up to par with my standards for a good product. So what happens when a brand I love comes out with a new product? Sure I give them some slack, but mostly I try to approach it as a fresh start. Like I never tried the brand before. Such was the case during my last trip to Sephora. Y’all product junkies ever feel like there is a mandatory amount of visits you are obligated to make to drugstores and places makeup counters? It’s like a bit of an addiction I guess.

I was already aware of the new Jewel Eyeshadow Palette with heavy, release your inner diva glitter, as well as their Jewel Lip Glaze Trio (the consistency makes me think of MAC cremesheen gloss), and I heard the slow growl of desire for the Black Diamond Mascara, but I most definitely missed the memo on the new Eyeshadow Trios. I walked around plenty a Stila counter with a heavy heart as I saw the duo eyeshadow pans empty out with nary a refill. And then… well I could say that I felt like I saw one of those corny lights and an angellic chorus sing once I saw these, but you wouldn’t believe me (even if in my mind it is indeed exactly how it occurred). I had an empty spot in the Makeup Forever palette that I converted into a Stila palette, and I was itching for new shades.

Okay so when I said I started fresh as if I never knew this product, I kind of lied. I actually went into the testing experience expecting it to be fabulous. I wanted the color to be silky like the others from its family. I wanted a high color payoff, and I wanted ease of use. A favorite brand coming out with a new product is actually under more pressure than a new brand when it comes to pleasing Yaya!

I’d say they failed but I refuse to lie again.

The turquoise is a lovely shade that reminds me of mermaids. The black has a metallic sheen to it that makes it perfect for blending with the other two colors. The purple? Very much a duochrome-y shade similar to the polishes that came out for spring.
The sleek new packaging lets you make use of the eyeshadow trio as a ready to go shadow (with three colors… naturally). Then my heart sank again. What about the singles?! What about the palette?! Do not despair. These babies are friendly to us depotter maniacs. Just like Makeup Forever, and Milani, these shadows make the process super easy by adding a hole to the packaging so that you can just use a pin to poke the shadow into freedom. No flames or cutters (or broken shadows) necessary. (See the hole right above the label in the image?)

Proof? I used an earring to poke through the hole and wore the earrings that night. Not even a slight bend to ’em thankyouverymuch!

Finally, the last spot in my palette has been filled!

The labels are a little slimmer, and something tells me the pan is a tiny bit smaller too, but I’m definitely loving the addition to the Stila fam. They are sold for $20 each at Sephora, Stila, and any other place they sell Stila Cosmetics.

Check out all the trio shades:

Try this yet? Have a favorite in mind?

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Inglot Freedom Palette

PhotobucketI’ve previously mentioned Inglot and it’s fabulosity. I’ve also taunted you non-New Yorkers about the fact that only we (NY residents) can get these snazzy products in the US. But I have yet to show you the continued vast collection of their products and how amazing their shadows are.

Their Freedom Palette comes in nearly a million variations. You get to choose the size of the palette and if you want small round pans or slightly larger square pans. These can be chosen from the shadows, blushes, bronzers, etc. and can be combined in whatever way you like. Want three on a palette or ten? The world is in your hands. Plus they have hundreds of colors to choose from.

This is how the scene is in the store: You get a little tray and choose the colors you want (they’re on a table and you walk around it like a starving makeup junkie in a makeup buffet palace). Once you combined the colors that you like or want (I swatched my hands enough times to warrant three makeup wipe cleans), you hand over the goods to a salesperson and they go in the back to perform magic. When they come back? They have what you will be referring to as your ‘baby’ for days to come.

I tried really hard not to indulge too much, given that my wallet seems to run thin after every beauty
, clothing
purchase I come across. I honestly can’t even specify because a lot of things catch my fancy. So what did I do? I convinced myself that the largest palette would save me the most moolah in the end run for the per shadow price, and forced myself to choose colors that I felt were missing from my collection. One can argue that nothing is missing, but that one really wouldn’t know me that well…

The palette comes with a frosted cover so that it’s not completely clear, but definitely transparent. I think the plastic cover for the shadow debris is very elegant and looks great with their brand name all over it. Other plus? The palette has four magnetic dots, one in each corner. The top has matching dots. This lets you swivel your top or take it off. You can even be like me and make it change shapes every five seconds… just because.


The pans are removable, but fit very snug inside the palette. There is very little spillover of debris when you use this, so the palette stays very clean without you turning obsessive. Another plus side: The cover and the palette, though not that thick, are sturdy enough that when I dropped this palette on the floor (I’m a stinkin’ klutz), not a single shadow shattered. There was a surface crack on one of them, but that went away with a sweep of shadow application as well. That was impressive.
The colors are on the back of each pan so if you want to go crazy and collect each color in the set, make sure you make a note of what ya got.

PhotobucketI swatched just as it
appears in the palette, except for the fact that I misjudged the size of my hand (don’t ask) and ran out of space for the light color. That is on the row below. Should make sense though, being how the colors are completely different! Click on the picture to check out the detail of the shimmer and intensity of the swatches. Oh and just in case you were wondering, that’s a single swipe of shadow thankyouverymuch.

The freedom palette of 10 is something like $50 or so. This isn’t so bad when you calculate per shadow. Or so I told myself at the time of purchase…

What y’all thinking about Inglot? Warming up for a NY trip, twiddling your thumbs for their internet launch? Let me know!

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Let’s Discuss

Talk It Out Tuesdays is what I thought of for the one undecided day left in my schedule.

So let’s do it chil’ren! 🙂

Glamour asked: “Have you ever actually finished an eyeshadow?”

That got me thinking… I have had to throw many out. I have come to dislike some, broke many, lost a few. But have I ever seen the bottom of one? Not I.

Photo credit: Sephora & Stila

I have seen the bottom of plenty a lip gloss. ONE concealer (MUFE!!). Only the bottom of clear nail polishes. The bottom of a perfume bottle, lotion, etc.

Never a mascara || Never a lipstick || Never an eyeshadow || Never a blush || Never a nail polish bottle that’s not clear.

How about you? (Free Shipping)