Palette Review (pic heavy)

Remember my swag attack post here, where I bought an eyeshadow palette for $5.00? I received a request to do a review, but I have been a little late in posting it since there were so many photos involved lol.

All laziness aside, I have tried to do a variety of looks and wore them to a variety of places (from a BBQ to work, etc.). I also originally wanted to give you actual time stamps and which colors I used, but with every extra look, the information slipped out of my mind. Regardless! Almost all the looks have both an AM and a PM shot. The time span in between each picture is at least 8 hours.

Another point (as if you don’t have enough) is that I used cream shadow/primer and/or concealer under my eyeshadows as that is what I usually do. Using either of these products will always minimized the creases, and I also like to use my cream shadows as highlight colors by the brow.

What it is: A 98 shimmer color palette. I couldn’t find relevant product info online kiddies. It is a lot more shimmery in real life.

Review (5 highest, 1 lowest):

Packaging: 3.5 out of 5 (the applicators that come with it are practically pointless,
Price: 5 out of 5 ($9.99 at Duane Reade – I got it with my $5 coupon!)

Quality: 4 out of 5 (see verdict)

Overall: 4 out of 5

Here are some looks I created using the palette:

Look One in the AM

Look One in the PM

Look Two – sorry this one is a single!

Look Three in the AM

Look Three in the PM
(excuse the mess of the eyebrows – I was scheduled to get an eyebrow wax the week after my review!! 😦 )

Look Four in the AM

Look Four in the PM

Look Five – sorry this one is a single!

Look Six in the AM

Look Six in the PM

My Verdict:
When using this palette with good brushes (the applicators that come with the palette are super brittle and not really useful), the colors come on and stay on really well. Like I said previously, using a primer underneath this palette is KEY b/c the color fades. Just to make sure it wasn’t one primer that works with this palette, each look was created using a different primer (I used Too Faced Lockdown Cream Eyeshadow that has Shadow Insurance in it already, UDPP, Shadow Insurance, Victoria’s Secret Cream Eyeshadows – which by the way I think are too light to use as shadows on their own to begin with, and MUFE Concealer by itself).

The color of this shadow fades a little bit but I haven’t seen it disappear completely off my face. As you can see in some pictures, the lighter colors fade and the brighter colors stay on.

I think that though the colors could be a little bit more vibrant, and that I do occasionally wish the palette carried more diverse colors (too many pinks for my liking), I think for the price, it is an excellent buy. The pans are not tiny, and the colors grab on quick. If you have these in your area, I suggest you grab one and start to playing with your eyes!

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