Peaches Geldof

Straight from the Catwalk Queen’s mouth!

I have never followed Peaches Geldof, and I didn’t really have an opinion on her to begin with. She just never entered my radar I guess you can say.

I am really impressed with her photo shoot for the Ultimo’s knickers collection. I didn’t know she had all those tattoos. Above all, I’m loving the retro/pin-up lingerie and the photoshoot results.

Image Credit: Catwalk Queen

To see more images, click here.

What about y’all ladies and gents of the jury?

3 thoughts on “Peaches Geldof”

  1. I love the pinup look! Im doing makeup for a pinup runway show next month, so excited! But I see why she didn’t enter ur radar….nothing special if you ask me.


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