LG of the Jury!

Welcome back Ladies & Gents of the jury!

Today we’ll be deciding on who rocked out the MTV Movie Awards best from the selected ladies. Though I do have to admit I did not watch the awards, you don’t have to do much to judge!

The ladies are as follows: Audrina, Hayden, Kristin B, Kristin S, Leighton, Ashley, Megan, Sienna, Miley, Vanessa.

Who do you think is guilty? Who rocked it out?

3 thoughts on “LG of the Jury!”

  1. Everybody looked blah this year.

    I liked Sienna Miller and Ashley Tisdale. Kristen Bell was kinda cute, too.

    Who ever dresses Miley Cyrus needs to be reminded that she's freaking 16 years old. SMH!


  2. I didn't watch the awards either but I have to say that I love Leighton Meester's look from head to toe. Seriously. Her hair, jewelry, makeup, dress, shoes. Everything is bang on!


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