LG: Crazy Boys

Welcome back to another serving of Ladies and Gents of the Jury. Last week, we extended our judgement to the men, and this week we might just let them stay longer.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make two posts out of this or one, but alas – I consolidated into one.

This week Miss Yaya (man I love talking about myself in third person lol) is perplexed with men and their nutty photo shoots. There’s Bruce Willis with his new wife Emma for W who appears to be channeling his Live Free or Die Hard empire (with the emphasis on hard??) and Sacha Baron Cohen aka Brüno for GQ (a la Maxim/Playboy?).

While one photo shoot is meant to be edgy and dramatic (fyi- some pictures not safe for work), the other appeals to our funny bone. But did either of them hit the spot?

Click here for the: article, Bruce & Emma on the shoot.

Clip from behind the scenes:

W’s fashion assistants attest that the actor, … requested dumbbells for some last minute tune-ups. “It was challenging because we had literally just come from this great honeymoon period of eating great food all the time!” says Bruce…

Adds Emma, “We’d been going to dinner every day, drinking, enjoying not having to work out or think about the job or taking off our clothes on camera.”

“Vanity dies hard,” says Bruce with his trademark smirk. ‘It really does.’

an excerpt from the GQ interview with Brüno on Style.com:

Dear Brüno, if forced to choose: Dolce or Gabbana?
Gabbana. Dolce is bald, so zere’s no hair to grab hold of.

Dear Brüno, can men wear heels? When and why?
Of course. Some guys look great in heels—ze singer Pink, for example. Alzo, mein last boyfreund, Diesel, vas a genuine Pygmy only three eight, so ich made him vear heels so he could give me plow jops mitout me having to bend mein knees.

Dear Brüno, I am shocked by the cost of jeans these days. I saw one pair that retailed for $700—how is that possible?
Zat’s ze great thing abaus ze recession—stores are cutting zeir prices.

Click around for more photos from the W shoot & the GQ shoot.

Photo Credits: Steven Klein for W a la WMagazine.com & Mark Seliger for GQ a la Style.com

I have to say I warmed up to the W photo shoot the more I read the article, though I still am not a fan of it, while the GQ article amused me and the photos hit more of a flat note…

Your verdict?

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