Thevi Cosmetics – Part 2

So now it’s review time.

If you’re just coming across this post, please make sure to read up on Thevi Cosmetics with my previous post. I tried to appeal to your patient nature and not test the limits by keeping the lengths of the posts manageable.

The products for me, myself, and I to judge?

As you are reading this review, you probably are equally impressed with the Thevi logo girl as I am on the right. There she is with her hair all waving in the air with her “smiling with her eyes” pose and her fab earrings and top. She’s reminiscent in design style to the Stila ladies, but by no means identical.

These are two savvy businesses that understand that the customer can relate better to an illustration than one single person (we are a judgemental bunch aren’t we?).

Coincidentally, the logo lady can serve as a doppelganger to Thevi founder Thevaki. Don’t you think?

Review (5 highest, 1 lowest):

Packaging: 5 out of 5 (it’s super chic – you feel fancy just holding it)

Price: 4.5 out of 5 ($15 for the E/S $13 for the Lipstick at their website)

Quality: 5 out of 5 (they are super pigmented & are super light)

Overall: 4.5 out of 5 (I would love to be able to have a larger color selection)

The product(s):
The swatches:
Triple Split Shadow in Bistro

I swatched each color in the triple split, and then I did horizontal swipes from Right to Left and from Left to Right. Make sense?

High Impact Lipstick in Plush

What I used:

Obviously I only used the lipstick for that swatch. Here, in addition to the Triple Split Shadow, I used Laura Geller Eye Spackle, a medium shadow brush, and Maybelline LashBlast mascara.

The look(s):
a better angle at the look:

So here’s what I did – after using Laura Geller Eye Spackle as base, I tested the shadow wet and dry.

Then I did one eye with a blended smokey look and one with a more regular, less dramatic look (which I would consider more appropriate for everyday/work). I added a second picture b/c they had better angles of the look.

My Verdict:

I am very happy with this brand. It is a completely new brand to me, so I had no bias when I started the review.

The eyeshadow is super pigmented and goes on like silk on your skin (like when I did the swatches) and your eyes. It looks great no matter if you apply it dry or wet, and is super long lasting. Another plus is that it blends very easily. I didn’t try it out on it’s own without a primer – but really – y’all should be using primers if you wear shadows – it just holds better.

The lipstick impressed me more than the shadow. It’s super creamy and almost feels like lip balm. It’s effortless, and though I didn’t pick the most everyday shade for myself, I will be mixing this with other color, because it feels lovely.

The pricing for these two is $15 (E/S) and $13 (L/S). It’s a bit more than drugstore cosmetics but not nearly as much as higher end products, with as much quality.

The only negative I have for this is that I would like to choose from even more colors. This of course is less a negative as it is a work in progress, as the brand expands.

I’d say it’s a definite buy and that given the chance you should try it out!

Don’t forget to read my first post all about the product line!

5 thoughts on “Thevi Cosmetics – Part 2”

  1. @Sherry – thank you – i suggest you get a palette so that you have many options to play around with – if you want good makeup this is def one of the greater options on a budget

    @miumiu – thanks, i was really impressed with this product


  2. Thanks for the review! And don't forget to check out our company blog at for weekly promotions, beauty tips, and special features!

    -Thevi Cosmetics


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