Talk is Cheap

Hey y’all!

Tuesday is right here and you need to talk it out.

As I started myself on a financial diet yesterday, I wanted to know what you guys were doing to save money – creatively, or just by plain old pinching pennies.

…Or do you still spend money and ball outrageous? 🙂

Here are some of the things I started doing to keep my wallet from anorexia:
-try to use up at least one product before I buy a new one of the same kind (i.e. hair products, lip gloss, etc.)
always search for coupons before shopping
use up products I will not use for other things (hair conditioner as shaving cream, blush as eyeshadow, etc.)
-encourage friends to swap

What about you? Let me know!

5 thoughts on “Talk is Cheap”

  1. im really pinching my pennies to the point that they are already being smothered…lol

    but seriously…i have to

    what i actually do is i don't buy anything for one month…so that i'll be able to save up & really thinking about the things that i need the most..

    then buy them the next month…

    because the more time that i have to think about something, the more im convinced not to buy it

    then if one product doesn't work for me..(like a face product)i put it to good use by applying it on the other part of my body such as my neck or hands or legs or feet.

    no point in letting it go to waste…

    i haven't tried swapping yet..
    but im planning to in the near future


  2. I use coupons, shop sales, try to buy buy 1 get one free or something.

    Try to take breaks from not spending. Save up to spend money on certain things.
    I try to get my money's worth.
    I can get like 9 items for $15 hell yeah I'm going to spend!! lol


  3. @Thiamere: that's some crazy willpower you have! I don't know if I can wait a month!

    @Rin: maybe that's the answer – to have a strict partner lol!

    @Rai: what would we do without coupons?

    @Lipstickrules123: I did that once and had no money to get home! Had to borrow from a coworker lol


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