What the?

So I went to Tarjayyyy for some cereal, deodorant, and a birthday card.

I of course was seduced by the cosmetics aisle!

I got two things from the JK Jemma Kidd line (since Rai asked me about it) and two from the NP eye palette collection.

I have already tried the NP palettes, so I was just getting some more colors but one of the palettes (Atlanta) – described on the packaging as plum/purple looks very much brown/neutral to me. I went online to see if I was losing my mind and the images on the Target website are just as incorrect.

What I got: The packaging: The picture on the site:

and in real life:

Does that look like plum/purple to you?

Hot mess.

The damage:

NP E/S Palettes in Seattle & Atlanta

JK Jemma Kidd Sheer Vanity Gloss & Glaze in A la Mode & I-Style Pro Duo in Chic

Stay tuned for the JK review later in the day!

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