Hook, Line, and …

It’s time to dish the dirt my dears.

Advertising companies aren’t exactly known to be brutally honest. The entire idea of the field is to promote and network brands and clientele to get support and followers. Supporters and followers very often turn into consumers, and if you work hard enough, these consumers may just follow through generations.

How many ladies have said that they love a certain scent because that is what their mother and mother’s mother wore, and that’s why they do as well? Or how many men have admitted to drinking a certain type of alcoholic beverage because that was in accordance with the patriarch drank?

Then there are those shifty commercials. Advertisers are not bound by law to be 100% honest. Then there is the permissible vocabulary that allows them to nearly get away with murder.

For example:

sodium = how low? low in comparison to what? low for whom?

on sale= on sale simply means it is lower than the original selling price – this statement would be valid even for a penny less.

Cable and wireless providers have been the worst in this type of false advertising (IMO), and in beauty and fashion I find that the mascara and hair commercials are the worst being that there is always touch up and products used in addition to the one being advertising by itself, and fashion?

When someone tells you you can save up to 80%, don’t you feel crummy when you run into the story and find things 20% off and scratching your head about the 80% off items? The answer to that is easy. These items could’ve already been “sold,” or you my dear dud have not paid attention to the key words “up to.”

Have you fallen for a false claim recently?

Have you seen some really bad/funny ads?

Bring em to MOJ court!

3 thoughts on “Hook, Line, and …”

  1. I'm possibly the only one who hate's a sale.

    You buy something that's half price or maybe 80% off and you know they are still getting a big profit – how ripped off were we before.

    And you can always bet you will see something you have recently bought hidden within the rails


  2. @ares g – they always try to get you with fancy wording and tricky images… what happened to honesty!?

    @mel – i hear ya… some companies make huge profits even when things are half off…


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