Sally Hansen HD Nails

This was the first Sally Hansen line that I got fully. The colors are super bright and lovely. I swatched every single one of them about two months back and accordingly forgot to post thereafter.

Isn’t that how it always works?

Here’s how they looked on my digits:

01- Cyber

02- Blu

03- Pixel Pretty

04- Hi Def

05- Lite

06- Digital

07- Three D

08- Hi Res

There are two different lighting in the picture and the one on the right is the one that is 98% true to color.

How is my nail posing doing? I’m trying to perfect it but it’s hard work!

Click here to check the page for the HD colors and ingredients.

After seeing that Sally Hansen was having a sweepstakes to win these exact polishes though, I thought it would be most fitting to post now. The contest is going on from 07/08/09 – 09/15/09. Check out the page for official rules.

Blue & Lite were my faves – tell me which ones are yours after you enter the sweepstakes!

4 thoughts on “Sally Hansen HD Nails”

  1. You got them all?! lol

    I just saw these yesterday, I'm not into metallic polishes like before. These are nice though!
    Great swatches.


  2. @escapist – thanks so much!

    @makeupjunkee – gracias 🙂 it's super creamy

    @rai – ain't it a shame? lol I bought like 3 and then I saw someone else swatch them online and said I had to get all… It's a problem


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