LiLo gets to workin’

Does anyone remember this – when Lindsay Lohan was featured in an ad for Fornarina… an Italian company that is very much like the American Wet Seal…. if not – take a quick peek at the video

Now, Lilo has continued her contract with them for another campaign.

Lindsay Lohan’s Fornarina Campaign Is Out

Photo credit: Fornarina & NYMag

Ladies & Gents of the Jury – let me hear it all!

7 thoughts on “LiLo gets to workin’”

  1. @parisky – I have never seen their clothing – I need to catch up!

    @krasey beauty – i agree! she looks fab & now that she has this and her tv show AND tanning spray she can shut up about the paparazzi 'ruining her career'

    @becky – right? i agree!


  2. Haha, I love those crazy foreign ads. So weird. She looks a ton better in the new ad, she doesn't look so skeletal and I really like her with her natural colour.


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