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6126 at ShopStyle

When celebrities branch out into new marketing ventures and start opening up their clothing lines, water, candy, shoe, and whatever other lines are willing to sport their name or take their money, it’s a toss up for the quality and shelf life of their products.

With the hard luck that Lindsay Lohan seems to have come under for the past couple of years, one would think that she would shrink away into oblivion. The girl is resilient though. Her line 6126 is sporting a new season.

The shoot includes La Lohan and her little sister Ali.

There are some designs that look a bit funky considering how the photos were shot, and there are some that make me want to save my pennies.

I’m totally loving the shoots of Ali and the shoots of each gal by themselves. I’m a bit over the shoots with the dominatrix and the boy toys, how about you?

Overall, I’d say my verdict is a go for Miss Lindsay. I like the additions in this season and am looking forward to more. I hope the girl has more good than bad in her future and gets a better comeback than just a walk back home (from court…).

Check out some of the new designs:

Looks like sis Ali has done a lot of growing up, no?!

There are also actually some handbags coming out starting November that look quite spiffy and I can’t wait to get images to share!

What do you think?

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LiLo gets to workin’

Does anyone remember this – when Lindsay Lohan was featured in an ad for Fornarina… an Italian company that is very much like the American Wet Seal…. if not – take a quick peek at the video

Now, Lilo has continued her contract with them for another campaign.

Lindsay Lohan’s Fornarina Campaign Is Out

Photo credit: Fornarina & NYMag

Ladies & Gents of the Jury – let me hear it all!