What A Lime-a Bean!

I have to admit something – every time I see a shade of Lime for nail polish, I usually snatch it off the shelves immediately. So as I was looking over my purchases for the past couple of months, I realized I have started to collect nearly every darn shade of it! What a lima bean I am! 🙂 I figured I’d share my findings and let y’all know which shades are out there and how much they go for!

To compare, I have (left to right) NYX Nail Polish in (73) Lime, OCC in Wasabi, and L’Oreal in (932) Shocking Green


And in real life:

The L’Oreal Pro polish has a shimmer to it that I couldn’t capture on photo for the life of me.

NYX Nail Polish in (73) Lime ($2.99) – the perfect shade for me – has more yellow than OCC
OCC in Wasabi ($8), – a cute vibrant color – has more green than NYX
and L’Oreal Pro in (932) Shocking Green ($4.99) – has way more green than the others, and also has shimmer

Do you like this color? Which is your fave?

On a side note, I am totally rocking the NYX on my toesies with a purple french pedi twist with a Zorro like design on one toe (I kept trying to do something creative and it was all a FAIL…)


and the close up:


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