Magazine Weekend – Complex Aug/Sept 09

Happy Saturday!!

Magazine Weekend continues with double the magazine in a day. I’m bringing some goodies to y’all on a continuous basis, so if you’re not really enjoying it, I’ll only know if you let me know.

Let the festivities continue then! This Saturday morning, I’m drooling over the genius of Complex magazine for August/September 09. They have Keri Hilson on one cover and Kid Cudi on the back. In addition, they have interviews with Fabolous and Amber Rose. I will admit right now that I am not a fan of all of the above, but I will have to give credit where credit is due – and it is due for the images.

Keri Hilson being a bad mamajama. I’m loving the cage booties and the neon nails. The whole photo shoot is also pretty awesome with its comic book remix.

Amber Rose is one bad B. I love nearly every photo shoot she does, no matter how much booty is flaunted. Can’t hate on others for looking good! Plus I admire her for her daring fashion sense & the I don’t really give a damn facial expressions lol.

Kid Cudi – I have to admit I’m not much of a fan. But this photo shoot, with the crazy illustrations a la Where the Wild Things Are was keeping me attached to every word. Learned some things about the guy I never knew!

So this weekend started off with a bang and less clip and more of a kudos to Complex. This magazine is definitely a must read, and if you can’t get your hands on a copy, head over to the site pronto!

All photo credits go to: Complex Magazine

|| Click here for the Complex main page ||
||Click here for the Keri Hilson interview/behind the scenes ||
|| Click here for the Amber Rose (may not be safe for work) feature ||
|| And check out the awesome illustrations if not the interview for Kid Cudi here ||

Shoot me an e-mail to if you would like me to explore other/have topics and/or magazines, or for general opinions of what’s in magazine weekend.

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