Magazine Weekend: Self Magazine Aug ’09

Happy Sunday!!

Magazine Weekend continues with double the magazine in a day. I’m bringing some goodies to y’all on a continuous basis, so if you’re not really enjoying it, I’ll only know if you let me know. There are so many tidbits I come across and I love to share.

This tidbit right here is from Self Magazine‘s August issue. The cover maven is Zooey Deschamel on the cover to promote her movie 500 Days of Summer.

The magazine is also great at having pages of tips and tricks throughout each issue. They call it “____ Flash” the space being a variation of Beauty, Fitness, and others. Below are two that I found interesting and recommend you pick up a copy for other good pointers!


The magazine also has a great article by Francesca Castagnoli called “How I Got Over My Green Guilt.” and an ode to Zoeey with “31 Days of Summer.”

Shoot me an e-mail to if you would like me to explore other/have topics and/or magazines, or for general opinions of what’s in magazine weekend.

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