Magazine Weekend: Self Magazine January ’10

You can probably read me like a deck of cards. I’m following suit. The most of my hand contained NOTD’s galore and so of course you need to learn how to take care of it (your hand that is).

While reading Self‘s January issue with Carrie Underwood on the cover, I snagged some new year moves to make a new fit me for the next days of the rest of my life! (This is the extra caffeine talking).

The magazine gives you hints on how to create your perfect part in your hair (I know if I make mine uneven too much I resemble a misshaped poodle), the latest purple lip shades on the market and straight from the trendlines (as in headlines), and more. Of course they always have their weight loss challenges and tips from celebrities to stay in shape and eat healthy. As redundant as the topics can be, I can honestly say I rely on this magazine to give me fresh tips each time I flip a page.

Here I am sharing some tips from Roopika Malhotra‘s article on how to take care of your hands. They often take the beating because we wear down our sense of touch nearly the most, right? When was the last time your eyes, your taste buds, your sniffer, or your ears took a beating like your hand did while carrying shopping bags, opening a can of soda, prying open a jar of pickles, wrestling with store hangers, paper cuts, and the list goes on! Use these four easy tips to take matters into your own hands! 🙂

MOJ - Magazine Weekend

Did you find these tips helpful?

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Magazine Weekend: Self Magazine Aug ’09

Happy Sunday!!

Magazine Weekend continues with double the magazine in a day. I’m bringing some goodies to y’all on a continuous basis, so if you’re not really enjoying it, I’ll only know if you let me know. There are so many tidbits I come across and I love to share.

This tidbit right here is from Self Magazine‘s August issue. The cover maven is Zooey Deschamel on the cover to promote her movie 500 Days of Summer.

The magazine is also great at having pages of tips and tricks throughout each issue. They call it “____ Flash” the space being a variation of Beauty, Fitness, and others. Below are two that I found interesting and recommend you pick up a copy for other good pointers!


The magazine also has a great article by Francesca Castagnoli called “How I Got Over My Green Guilt.” and an ode to Zoeey with “31 Days of Summer.”

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LG of the Jury: To Retouch or Not to Retouch?

Did y’all hear about the drama going on with Self Magazine and Kelly Clarkson’s September issue? A lot of people are abuzz about how much she was photoshopped for the cover, especially for an article that was to promote staying true to yourself.

Photo credit: SELF Magazine

The editor of the magazine found the backlash to be significant enough to issue a response. This is what she said:

Last Friday, the Internet was abuzz with the fact that I answered the question, did you Photoshop the September issue cover photo of Kelly Clarkson? with the answer: Yes. Of course we do retouching (though it’s technically not Photoshop, but that is semantics). We correct color and other aspects of the digital pictures we take and then publish the best version we can.

Check out the rest of her response here.

Now I know this is a practice by many magazines. It is hard to not remove some pimples here and there, and other imperfections that really – separate it from a photo shoot and a paparazzi/candid shot. But there’s a much bigger difference when the person is so seriously altered that they practically look like a different person.

Currently, Olay came under much scrutiny for their photo shoot with model Twiggy, where her real life photographs versus her photo shoot posed some serious differences. So much that the British government is considering banning photoshopping (though appropriate for MOJ!).

In the past, Kate Winslet argued being photoshopped to an unrealistic image in Vanity Fair. Jessica Alba was photographed for a Campari ad, where they even digitally moved the positioning of her knee. And of course, Kim Kardashian had some retouching done for her Complex magazine photo shoot. In this case Kim supported the photoshopping and justified it to be the same as removing redeye from family photos.

Here’s the Self video from the shoot (though they conveniently don’t have any clear footage of her below the belt)…

I am a flip-flopper on this issue. I know it gets done, but I like it done to a minimum. I’ll agree to a “perfect skin tone” touch up, but not to a “half the body misconstrued.” I also think being that the issue had a “staying true to yourself” theme, they should’ve kept it to a serious minimum and used minimizers like Spanx and ruching, and crafty posing… ya know?

What about you Ladies & Gents of the Jury? What’s your verdict on photoshopping in general, and/or on this case alone?

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Magazine Weekend – Self June 2009

Happy weekend everyone!

Back with some more magazine loving is Miss Yaya reading Self June 2009 with Beyonce on the cover!

I love me some Miss B and I adore me some beauty advice. So without further ado – check out some pointers on how to wear color this summer. So appropriate being that I am one of the main supporters of wearing color!!

To check out some more advice and to hear what Beyonce had to say, get yourself the June copy stat!

Magazine Weekend – Self June 2009

[[edit]] ok this was another scheduling snafu that didn’t go through on time. Better late than never!

Happy weekend everyone! For this issue of Magazine Weekend, we are welcoming June in!

The issue we’re perusing now is SELF for June 2009 with the lovely Beyonce Knowles on the cover.

As the summer fast approaches, I thought the article about meltproofing your makeup by Eleanor Langston was the most appropriate to feature. And if you wanted to catch more goodies? Well you can get the mag for yourself!

Here’s what I got for ya:

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