Sephora Makeup Brushes

PhotobucketI recently posted about makeup brushes, and how to find good ones. To recap, check out the post here! That post was a long time coming thanks to my neverending search, but it was also because I needed an intro to my current Sephora obsession.

Over a week ago, I went to the HBA Global Expo in New York. Admittedly, being that the show is for product development, there was only so much a blogger can find out. What I did find was a plethora of innovation, and my favorite was my last stop.

A lot of the companies at the Expo were manufacturers and co-packers. What does that mean to the average consumer? These are the companies that make someone’s ideas come to fruition. If you want to sell cosmetics and need someone to make the cases, packaging, etc. these are the people you call.

The whole show was full of products that I can’t wait to see companies pick up. The benefits of going to an Expo like this is too have the aha! moment when you see a product on a shelf that you knew was coming.
Enough of the chit chat though, which one was my fave? Magnetic brushes. These are brushes that have one base and interchangeable brush heads. There were sets from a couple to plenty. I begged one woman to sell me a sample set but she wouldn’t budge. 🙂 Hey… I tried! She did give me some scoop though. She showed me that Sephora jumped on the bandwagon and I could get it from them.

The set includes three face brushes that has a metal look to it. I’m not sure what the casing is made of, but I’ll let y’all know soon (as I have already ordered mine – don’t judge!). The brushes are super soft and are interchangeable into the main case with magnets. It comes with a case and is size friendly & saves space, being that it is halves of brushes.

Non HBA related, are other brushes that Sephora came out with. These are the double ended makeup brushes that are for face and eyes (or whatever else use you can find for it). Disclaimer: I am not a big fan of always defining a brush by a title. I feel that a lot of brushes can serve multiple or different purposes than the original intention, and don’t like to pigeon hole them with a title. Again – this is because I am My Own Judge & I strongly urge you to be your own as well! 🙂 They kind of remind me of seesaws, with a big brush and a flip to a small brush.

The brushes come in some fab bright colors and given that they are basically two for one are not overpriced for a Sephora brush. That hopefully explains that this does not mean that they are cheap, but expected. Just like you wouldn’t expect a Prada bag to magically cost $20.

This is a picture of the brushes on display at the store. The names and prices are exactly as they are in store. Thankfully this pic came out quite clear!

These brushes are very cute and I adore the bright colors. The fact that they are double ended serves as a blessing and as a curse in my eyes. It’s nice that they are double the duty for the money and the space, but unless storage is horizontal, I imagine ruining the shape of the brush at one point in time. Also – at first try, these brushes were too brittle for me. I’m not much of a one time judge though, so I visited these brushes over a period of time and came to a conclusion that though they are not the softest, the feel is actually not so bad. My verdict for these is that if you had the extra funds, they’d be a great addition b/c the colors have plenty attitude. But if you need a good super soft brush that you can tote anywhere, I wouldn’t recommend these.

Have you tried them? What do you think?

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