Talk It Out Global

I have spent the last couple of days in different environments. I will let you guys in on the photographical journey I embarked a bit later on in the post countdown, but I can discuss things now.

Being from NY, I am much more used to climate changes, higher humidity, and generally “whatever goes.” Our weather switches with seasons and then within switches as well. Sometimes it won’t make sense why it’s snowing in April or hot in December, but you roll with the punches and make it work a la Tim Gunn with whatever your closet holds at the time.

The same applies to your makeup and skincare stash. My NY self arrived in Florida to the definition of southern hospitality from the ClumpsofMascara fam. But I also arrived overpacked. There was much less humidity and wind factor, so my hair behaved a bit more than usual (and I wasn’t expecting it to be so hot in the fall because I am a New Yorker, but that’s besides the point!), and my skin didn’t need as much support with the various options I usually have (moisturizer, SPF, etc.).

Which got me thinking about how much my global positioning has to do with what my makeup and skincare stash holds.

Does your geographic location have any impact on what products you need or use? Talk it out!

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