Artist Summit Miami

PhotobucketHow could I continue and introduce brands and events, if I didn’t at least share what my new camera captured in Florida?

While smaller than the NY Makeup Show in size for commerce, the lessons and seminars were of the most value. As I continue with new knowledge and inspiration, I hope you enjoy the images of the brands that both break through into the market to continued jaw dropping reactions, as well as the brands who never fail to amaze year in and year out, from quality to customer service.

The best part of these shows for me? Realizing that this is much more than just makeup. The search for the perfect product to accentuate and work well with every person’s beauty is evident from the product selection, to the dedication from even the creators (who are almost always present at each show!).

I’ll be doing some in depth reviews and intros to some brands, while others, the pictures will be worth plenty words.

Inglot Cosmetics – watch out for my review


Crown Brush – the best quality for the cheapest price

owner of Pencil Me In Cosmetics showing that her pencils aren’t just great for shadowing and lining the eyes – but making fancy hairstyles too!

Danessa Myricks showcasing her brand (I Make You Beautiful) of dvd’s & makeup. And her fab hair y’all!

My girl Britt from ClumpsofMascara showcasing Naked Cosmetics!

OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics)

Ruby Room aromas & sprays. Stay tuned for an intro and review.

Always a fave, Korres

A new fave, Yaby Cosmetics

p.s. this is a new & very loved camera for me – What y’all think about it? Snazzy photos?

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