Fafi + Adidas = Love?

PhotobucketWhat do y’all know about my girl Fafi? I first heard about her aristry and quirky designs when MAC partnered up with her way back when (check out all Temptalia related posts about the collection). Since then, I’ve been lemming over the t-shirts on sale at the e-commerce shop, and checking the design collabos she does throughout the world. The characters she draws are neverendingly (yes I made up a word) entertaining and original.

When I heard via FreshnessMag that she had partnered with Adidas I couldn’t understand why I didn’t know this sooner!

The collection is a bit smaller than I would’ve wanted, but had a good sneaker design on one pair. They also have a long sleeve tee and a jumper, but those didn’t catch my fancy either. Read on to see the images!

The prices range from $65 to $100, but I was only tempted to purchase two pieces. Can you tell which?
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Photobucket Photobucket

Do you like any of the designs?

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