Talk It Out Tuesday! Mistakes!

My mother is an aesthetician. There! When young girls were just getting into skincare and beauty products, I already had it stuck in my head. The no nos and rules of sunscreen? I thought it was a given (I would’ve caught a whooped bum if I had ventured out without it during the summer). What I thought was a basic understanding of skin care and the business behind it, seemed to be more of an education.

Apart from teaching me to be extra kind to my skin, my mother was strict about not letting me wear makeup. This was a mixed blessing. When I was young and thought I knew it all, I didn’t understand how it could hurt. I’d sneak out and wear makeup sometimes (but if I came home with it still on… war started before dinner), though that was rare. My mom kept saying the youth of my skin was all the ornament I needed. Now that I’m older of course understand what she meant.

But that doesn’t mean I always listened! Though listening to my mom (or trying to keep my butt from being beaten too much) has gotten me used to a more natural look (i.e. lipgloss for the most), as well as familiar with addressing my skin’s needs, I have still committed plenty of mistakes in the cosmetics department.

When I was younger black liner seemed to be the one stop solution. I had horrendous raccoon eyes on special events and though way too highly of myself. I would stand in the mirror and sometimes take pictures (pre-digital cam age – plenty of annoying pictures to develop & waste money on!)for hours.

Now I know just how much black liner needs to slide on my waterline, or if any at all. I have befriended the shadow and liquid liners, and discovered makeup brushes (and YouTube gurus). I dare say, my only mistakes now are when I pair the wrong colors or brands together. Who knows, though? I may even come back years later and say my makeup habits currently turn out to be atrocious.

But more on the here and now, what beauty mistakes/crimes are you guilty of committing?

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