Why I Oughtta Wipe Your Face Out With… Korres

PhotobucketI have been a long time follower of the use a cotton square to remove makeup from your face. As far as the removing agent? Either a cream or an oil (hello Mr. Olive) did it well. Then I started buying makeup wipes.

First I bought makeup wipes for the ease of use when cleaning makeup brushes. Just pull out a wipe and you can quickly run your brushes along it to clear ’em up. By no means is this the way you should clean your brushes all the time (thorough cleanup and drying is necessary from time to time as far as I’m concerned).

Then I started buying more and more packs of these time saving wonders when swatching products and taking photos. This was much easier to do at the desk than to have to lug everything with me to the bathroom. I had found a winner for the ease of use but I was still skeptical about using these for my face. See, I was buying cheapie wipes (read: Dollar Mart) and am not chemically blessed to understand if the cheaper versions are any better than the pricier ones. So I just kept to my old time techniques for face war paint removal.

Being that this post is here though, you understand that the story doesn’t end there. Following the first Bloggin’ Beauts get together, all the Beauts went home with a pack of the KorresPomegranate makeup wipes.

Packaging: 4 out of 5
Price: 4 out of 5 ($12.00 from site, Amazon, etc.)
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5

The wipes are significantly thicker than any other I have tried before. When they are applied to the face they are much softer and can pick up more makeup without feeling like you’re dragging your forehead down to your chin. Plus, as per my previous Korres review, the product smells great.

I did a picture at half a face painted.
Now I realize this doesn’t look like a lot of makeup on. My problem with makeup is that if I put on enough to see in a picture, then it’s more than overdone in person. The solution? I took a close-up while using the wipe to create temporary face graffiti.

There you go! Now you know I had plenty war paint on. 🙂

I’m pretty skeptical with wipes because I always think they leave a lot of product on your skin that you may not see. So I checked with my handy dandy cotton squares and olive oil and saw barely any remaining product. I have trouble removing mascara with the wipes because I feel like I’m always attacking my lashes, so I use olive oil there. I also make sure to rinse my face after using the wipes just to make sure.

The wipes come in a pack of 25, so naturally, my qualm with the product is the price. I feel like I could pay a little less for it, but with it’s efficiency call it a worthwhile splurge. Even if you can’t afford this for regular day use, I’d suggest purchasing a pack for an almost fool-proof plan for travel (plus I’m not sure if these count as liquid or not when packing).

Check out the after & the damage control with the wipe:


Do you use wipes? Tell me your experience(s) with wipes & you might win a pack of these babies!

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4 thoughts on “Why I Oughtta Wipe Your Face Out With… Korres”

  1. I have never really used wipes before, except I tried comedenes (I am not sure if that's how you spell it, they sell them at trader joes…) because like you said, I feel like they leave stuff on the face. But i would love to try these because so far I have loved everything Korres!


  2. Wipes are the best thing since sliced bread! I used to take my makeup off either by washing my face directly or slathering my face in olive oil. That did the job but it was quite messy. I hate that my eyeliner and mascara would smudge, giving me raccoon eyes.

    Since I started using wipes, makeup removal was a breeze! And I feel that I am removing more makeup because everytime I use a toner, I don't get makeup residue anymore! A great tip when you're trying to remove mascara is to let the wipe sit on your closed lid so it has time to break down the mascara and when you sweep it off, no more smudges!


  3. After seeing that picture of you without make-up on, I just had to tell you how beautiful you are! (Not that you don't look fabulous with make-up on!) You've got that natural beauty many of us crave!! Simply gorgeous!


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