LG of the Jury: Sock It To Me!

When people speak of fashion faux pas and crimes, they often mention socks with sandals amidst the top five. I have to admit that personally, when I see socks with sandals I cringe a bit.

The trend has morphed a bit with the presence of colored stockings with summer shoes as the weather gets cold. So is there a difference?

Kate Spade lookbooks have always caught my fancy for their penchant for bright colors and using a diverse group of models in both ethnicity and age (I love me a grandma in a bright orange peacoat). The same with J. Crew. Their photos of short socks with sandals have yet to convince me though. Which brings me to the return of Ladies & Gents of the Jury.

The trend is not new of course. You can see plenty of images of a geisha wearing socks with thong slippers, and others through history. Check the runway? Burberry models were rocking the socks with sandals and even on top of stockings.


So Ladies & Gents of the Jury, what’s your verdict?

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