Beyonce Bandwagon

Come one, come all, the Beyonce bandwagon is picking up passengers and speed, and I couldn’t be left out in the dust.

Her remixed video featuring Fame Monster Lady Gaga (get it?) for Videophone is out and I’m excited as always.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million times more. I love Beyonce as an entertainer, and I think she has the best team behind her. I am really loving this video and love all the new things she allows herself to experiment with. These may not all be new to everyone (i.e. the Bettie Page ref) but they rock my socks when she does it.


Lady Gaga did her thing too, but I think it was hard to keep up with B in this video. My only complaint was that the video was a little too hypno happy at times and made my eyes feel like they were having seizures.

Didn’t stop me from watching it four times though. I even started signing a package for UPS as Lady G.. and stopped myself & asked for the screen to be cleared.

See it for yourself here.

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