Talk It Out Tuesday! Gift Givers

The holidays aren’t just creeping, they’re galloping at us. But when we talk it out, it’s not to usher in some unnecessary pressure, but rather to understand each other.

I’m the type of shopper that sees and hears things year round. I pay attention to what people say in passing conversation as “oh it would be nice to have…” and continue on with my daily life. When I pass such things, be it May or December, I pick them up and store them at home.

Sometimes I store them so well that I don’t find them until next year, and for that, my listening skills come in handy, because the people I tend to give gifts to, I also happen to be in communication with.

So as I start to embark on my posting journey of gift guides and product recommendations, I want to hear about you. I don’t want to just let you know what I think is awesome, I want to help out. Chances are, my half hoarding and half psychotic habits will get my shopping nearly done before most of y’all even start. Or at least in my head (because money doesn’t always move as fast as the brain). What kind of shopper/gifter are you? Do you shop two days before, or months in advance?

Does the wishlist or the sale list dictate what your loved ones get? Are you the infamous giftcard for all occasions gifter? Everyone has a style! What’s yours?

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