Nfu-Oh does the uhoh!

NfuohTitle strike you as funny? I’m on a Beyonce streak so y’all know what the uh oh is!

Nfuoh 51Nfu oh. I have seen this polish across the net but have only experienced the joy in person. The polishes are wonders in packaging as they come like little bodies with corset handles. The polish that they are well known for are their gold fleck polishes.

The Korean brand has a pleasantly obnoxious collection of colors and products to have an over the top sculptural mani. Just check out their photo gallery and design blog.

I had recent fun with Nfuoh 51. It made me feel like a little kid seeing a magic trick for the first time, because really, I haven’t seen flecks inside polish done as well as Nfuoh does it. It looks the best covering dark polishes, but is quite the fancy pants on its own as well. But don’t believe me, read on and be your own judge…

One coat, two coat, three coat, see?

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

NfuOh 51 + Essie Mesmerize

Looks crazy good with China Glaze matte magic on top as well!

Nfuoh 51 + Diamond Cosmetics Matte Black
All images are clickable if you want to inspect the flecks further. My camera did this baby justice to the deepest pixel necessary. Want more? Nfuoh has a product blog here as well.

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