Hydroveil Hair Oil

HydroveilFor years I was told that to have long hair, I needed to take care of the split ends, and dry tips of my hair. With my frizztacular curly head, I never questioned the advice because every time I got a trim, my hair was back to its bouncy and yaya lovin’ self. But then winter came and I saw flakes.

Winter snowflakes? Nope. Winter scalp flakes. It probably sounds disgusting in writing, but there’s nothing more frustrating than a desire to claw your scalp to pieces every five minutes and the snowstorm to follow. I didn’t realize that all my painstaking methods of haircare weren’t bulletproof. I thought I was finally educated, but you learn something new every day.

My scalp was a dry mess. Every time I deep conditioned my hair, my scalp was sitting in a corner (kind of) wondering ‘what about me?’ I even thought using Olive Oil in my hair would alleviate the problem, but the leaves fell and so did my assumptions. Your scalp needs attention all its own.

After attending the HydroveilUltimate Hair Show‘ this month, I have been blessed with a solution to my scalp worries. Have you heard of their Scalp Soothing Hair Growth Oil? Amidst the hairstyles and scissors in the air, there were product giveaways, and yours truly was front and center. Both the images and extra goodies for MOJ readers will be coming soon, but the review had to be first.

I have only used the oil twice you guys. That’s how good it is.

First, I tried to use the oil without washing my hair (or in between washes, rather). The oil soothed the scalp as promised, but the next day I was itchin to scalp myself again. When I have a dry scalp, I like to do hot oil treatments as soon as possible, but I don’t have the time or funds to do that on a regular basis as if it was a shampoo time, so I decided to shampoo and condition as usual and right before styling my hair, I squeezed the oil onto my scalp. I must be a stinkin’ genius. This is the best method I have seen so far, if only because:

  • easier to manipulate nozzle onto scalp when hair is moist. You get to cover much more scalp and rub it in without messing up style.
  • rather than addressing an emergency, you are post shower and your scalp is conditioned. Using the oil becomes a preventative measure good enough to last until your next wash.

After the first wash and oil application, I had no urge to scratch my scalp. This is key to eliminating dandruff. First you don’t scratch, and second you make sure your scalp is moisturized. Lest you forget, your scalp is part of your skin! The smell of the oil is a little herby, but it is not overpowering, and goes away after the first day (or first spritz of perfume if you’re like me).

As with many companies, Hydroveil is already on the social media wagon and is present in the blog world as well as Twitter. The products are mostly sold at beauty supple stores- find out where you can purchase with the store locator. Make sure to check their events page as well so that you can make it to their next gathering!

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